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PS6: What does the future hold?

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Playstation is one of the most popular consoles on the planet currently. With the current generation being nearly two years old at this point, it’s time to start looking into the future. 

According to the usual Playstation release cycle, we can expect the next generation to drop in the holiday season of 2026. In this article, we’re looking at what the future holds for the Playstation series of consoles and what the Playstation 6 would look like.

PS6 release date, price and pre-orders

Based on a 2021 job listing from Sony, we can assume that the PS6 is already in the works, with a release date somewhere in late 2026 or 2027. Until then, we could also see a PS5 slim or pro if Sony decides to stick to the PS4’s release cycle. 

Previous consoles from Sony have launched at around $400-500. While there’s no telling what kind of hardware, features and improvements the PS6 will bring, we can assume that the console will be priced somewhere between $500-600. Of course, additional features and hardware can sway this price either way. 

As for the pre-orders, we can expect them to start soon after the company officially announces the console. 

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Playstation 6 features and hardware

Raw horsepower is something that’ll definitely improve in the next Playstation generation. While it’s impossible to say by how much, considering the leap the PS5 took in terms of sheer hardware capability, the PS6 could pleasantly surprise us all. 

At this point, any features or hardware is essentially a wish. However, considering general improvements, the PS6 can have the following features. 

Storage enhancements

Upgrading the Playstation’s storage has always been possible, albeit a tad bit difficult. We can expect the PS6 to have easily expandable storage or at least make the storage drive more accessible so that it can be swapped quickly, considering game sizes are already soaring into hundreds of gigabytes. 

VR integration

Currently, to enjoy VR experiences on your Playstation, you have to buy the PSVR package separately. VR has been hailed as the future of gaming, and the space is rapidly developing. Keeping these improvements in mind, the PS6 can come with the required VR accessories (headset and controllers) in the box. 

Wireless charging

The Playstation has always been a permanently plugged in device. This can be leveraged to add a wireless charging pad on the console itself, which can charge devices like controllers and anything else that supports wireless charging. 

Modular design

While there’s little hope for a modular, upgradeable design in the console industry, one can always hope. A modular design means that the console can be upgraded or repaired over time by simply swapping out particular components whenever the user wants an upgrade. 

An updated UI

New software improvements often come with a product’s next generation. Considering the Playstation’s current life cycle is six to seven years, a new UI design seems inevitable. 

A digital-only console

The days of having games on physical drives are long gone. And while some might not like that direction, that’s definitely where gaming is headed at the moment. Internet speeds are getting faster, and media is shifting towards streaming. The PS5 is already available in a digital-only format, and while that’s an option right now, it might not be when the PS6 comes around. 

Smaller design

The PS5 is a big console; there’s no doubt about that. However, as processors shrink in size and become more powerful at the same time, the PS6’s design could be much smaller than the current generation. 

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