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How to remove formatting in Gmail?

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Copying and pasting across applications is quite straightforward; however, at times the rich formatting stays, which can cause issues with uniformity across text. The copied text may differ from the original as a matter of size, font, colour and alignment, giving your email a fragmented appearance.

There are a few quick ways to remove that formatting from your emails to make them look more composed and organised. Instead of manually correcting the formatted glimpses of the text, you can hand-pick one of the methods shared below to remove the text formatting in Gmail.

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3 quick ways to remove formatting in Gmail

There are three ways to clear text formatting in your emails. You can also use these methods to remove formatting from any text — for Gmail or otherwise.

Gmail’s Remove Formatting tool

This built-in feature by Google is a true gem. Instead of manually editing the text formatting, you can use the Remove Formatting tool to match the text to your default text settings. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the New Message compose window and select from the pasted text that you want to edit.

Step 2: From the Formatting toolbar, choose the Remove Formatting option marked as Tx to de-format the highlighted text.


If you’re unsure about the formatting, this is the most convenient approach for you to follow.

You copy the formatted content and paste it into a notepad file. Notepad will not retain any formatting by default. Once done, you can use the text in your emails.

Step 1: Open the Notepad and paste the content you’ve copied to your clipboard in the file.

Step 2: Now, copy the unformatted content from notepad and add it to your composed email.

Paste as Plain Text

Another effortless approach is to add the formatted content to your emails by pasting them as plain text. It is the quickest way to bypass any formatted texts in your emails.

When you are about to paste the data, either press Ctrl+Shift+V or else right-click and choose the option Paste as plain text from the context menu.

The contents copied from your clipboard to your composed email body will be void of any rich formatting.

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