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How to remove a URL from autofill suggestion of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge

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Autofill or autocomplete is a great feature; I think we all agree to that. At times, however, autofill can pop up some unwanted URLs into the suggestions list, and that might not be right. Nobody likes a crowded suggestion list with URLs you’re probably never going to visit.

Deleting all URLs is really easy, just clear all browsing history, and you’re done. However, that’ll also delete the links that you wanted to keep

So if you’ve been looking for a way to remove a specific URL from either Chrome, FireFox, Opera or Internet Explorer’s autofill suggestions list, here’s how you can do that.

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Erase suggestions from Google Chrome

To erase suggestions from Chrome, type the URL as you usually would. When the autofill suggestions list appears, use the arrow keys to highlight the URL you want to delete and press Shift+Delete.

That’s it. That URL isn’t going to pop up in your autofill list now.

Erase suggestions from Mozilla FireFox

FireFox’s method of removing annoying URLs is pretty similar to Chrome.

Just start typing the article as you normally would, when the autofill suggestions list comes up, highlight the errant URL using the arrow keys. This time, instead of pressing Shift+Delete, just press delete, and you’re done.

In the latest versions of Firefox when you delete a highlighted entry, it might still in the address bar. You can get rid of it with a quick highlight and backspace.

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Erase suggestions from Opera

Opera’s way of deleting suggestions is a bit different.

Just type the address as you normally would. When the autofill suggestions list comes up, highlight the desired URL and look for an ‘X’ to the far right. Just click on it, and the URL is gone.

However, this method only works for sites from your history. It won’t include suggestions drawn from your favourites or suggestions from your default search engine.

Like most browsers, the suggestion might remain in the address bar even after you delete it from the drop-down. A quick highlight and backspace will get rid of it forever.

Erase suggestions from Microsoft Edge

Similar to Opera, when you highlight an address on the drop-down menu, you’ll see an ‘X’ on the far right side. Click that ‘X’ and it’s gone.

Again with Edge as with Firefox, the wrong suggestion leaves the drop-down menu but remains in the address bar. Although you can always manually delete it, it would’ve been nice if it were autodeleted everywhere.

So there you go. Easy methods to remove those annoying URLs from your browser of choice.

Happy surfing!

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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