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How to reset Amazon Fire TV Stick?

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Amazon Fire TV Stick serves as a great alternative to buying a new Android-powered Smart TV, but with every piece of technology, it’s inadvertent that you’re served a few bugs alongwith. If you’re facing an issue on your Fire TV Stick such as a malfunctioning app, playback errors or a glitchy FireOS platform and it can’t be resolved by either restarting or updating your Fire TV stick, then you might want to reset it to resolve the issue.

Resetting the Amazon Fire TV stick will remove all of the apps that you installed on the device as well as any customisations as well as settings that you might’ve applied. Once you reset the Fire Stick, it’ll be returned to the factory setup, and you’ll need to set it up right from the start and will need to update it too. So, before you reset your device, it’s recommended to try to restart or update it and update or reinstall the glitchy app.

But as long as resetting your Fire TV Stick solves your issue, it’s worth the work and here are two methods to help you get it done.

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How to reset your Fire TV Stick?

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the menu at the top of the screen.How to update Amazon Fire TV Stick? | Candid.Technology Step 2: On the Settings menu, scroll to the right and select the My Fire TV option.

Step 3: On the next page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Reset to Factory Defaults. Now, you’ll see a confirmation prompt with the heading Reset to Factory Defaults. Select the Reset option and in five to ten minutes your Firestick will reset.

As mentioned above, all of your personal data, as well as downloaded content (including apps), will be deleted once you reset the Fire TV Stick. You’ll also need to pair your remote again after the firestick restarts.

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How to reset Fire TV Stick if the screen is frozen (via remote)?

If your screen has hanged or isn’t displaying anything because the Fire TV Stick is malfunctioning and you can’t access the on-screen settings, you can also reset the Fire TV Stick via the remote shipped alongwith.

Press the back button and the right navigation button (on the navigation circle) at the same time and hold them for at least 10 seconds (refer to the image below). You’ll see on-screen instructions; follow them to reset your Fire TV Stick. If your remote isn’t working either, then you can also use the Fire TV app (Android and iOS) to replace your remote and reset your Fire TV stick.

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