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RRN number in Paytm UPI: Everything you need to know

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In digital payments, understanding the intricacies of various transaction identifiers is crucial. Specifically in Paytm UPI, the RRN number is key for easily tracking and handling your payments. But what exactly is an RRN number, and how does it function within the Paytm UPI system?

This article discusses what RRN in Paytm UPI, the importance of the RRN and where you can find the RRN in Paytm is.

What is RRN in Paytm UPI?

RRN stands for Retrieval Reference Number. It’s a unique 12-digit code assigned to each UPI transaction initiated on the Paytm platform. It acts as a transaction ID or reference number, allowing you to track the transaction’s status. You can check the status of a UPI transaction using this transaction ID or reference number.

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Why is the RRN important?

The RRN serves several crucial purposes:

  • Tracking transactions: Facing a failed transaction or delayed payment? The RRN helps you track its progress and identify any bottlenecks. Provide it to Paytm support or your bank for quick assistance.
  • Resolving disputes: In case of discrepancies or disagreements, the RRN is an essential reference point. It helps Paytm and your bank investigate the issue efficiently and provide a fair resolution.
  • Record keeping: Maintaining a record of RRNs for past transactions can be helpful for personal finance management and tax purposes. It offers a clear audit trail for your digital payments.

Where can you find it?

Here are the steps to check the RRN in Paytm UPI:

  • Open the Paytm app and tap on Balance & History.
  • Select the transaction you want to track.
  • The 12-digit UPI Reference ID next to the transaction is the RRN number.

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