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Top 7 running apps for Android

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Keeping yourself fit is vital, and there are tons of exercises to help you do that; however, while some of them require equipment, others are a bit tough to follow. But one of the easiest ways to keep yourself fit is by running.

To ensure that you keep up with your running schedules and keep pushing your limits, here is a list of seven fantastic running apps for Android that will help you calculate various things when you run so that later you can track your performance and see the changes in numbers.

Couch to 5K

Developer: Active Network, LLC | Size: Varies with device | Price: INR 260.

Top 7 running apps for Android | Candid.Technology

You have access to four different virtual coaches that will help you achieve your training plans. You get to calculate your speed and distance while running, which can later be reviewed. 

This app is easy to use and will give you graphs for your workouts and running. The app also offers you a great audio cue feature in which you get to hear human audio while working out. 

Download the Couch to 5k app here

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Developer: Asics Digital Inc | Size: Varies with device | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

Discover new routes to run and save them if you like using the Runkeeper app. The app provides you with various offers like Training Plans, Running groups, Audio  Cues, and many more, which will help you achieve your customized goals. 

Join challenges and win them to get some amazing rewards. Doing so will also help you keep motivated. 

You can connect this app with other fitness apps. 

Download the Runkeeper app here

Nike Run Club

Developer: Nike Inc | Size: Varies with device | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

Customized goals, distance challenges, and motivation provided by this app will help attain your fitness goals. Your run details like speed, pace, distance, and heart rate can be viewed easily when using the Nike Run Club app. 

The app has various challenges to offer you in which you can also invite your friends. These challenges will get you motivated, and the result will be you achieving your goals. The app also has a range of trophies and badges that you get when you achieve certain personal milestones for motivating you. 

Download the Nike Run Club app here

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Adidas Running by Runtastic

Developer: Runtastic | Size: Varies with device | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

Achieve your fitness goals through the coach provided by the Runtastic app. In this app, you can track time, speed, distance, calories burned, and much more when you run.

Compete globally with people and earn badges. You can also connect to other apps to achieve ultimate fitness. 

Stay motivated by regularly reading the fitness blog of this app. Set your own goals and achieve them by taking advantage of this fantastic app. 

Download the Runtastic app here

Map My Run

Developer: MapMyFitness Inc | Size: 77 MB | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

Track your running distance, review your performances, explore places to run, connect with your friends. You get access to personalized coaching tips that help you attain your goals.

Get stats such as pace, distance, and much more on your run. You can sync the app with wearables like Garmin, Fitbit, Google Fit, Android Wear, and much more.

Download the Map My Run app here

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Developer: Strava Inc | Size: Varies with device | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

Strava gives you detailed aspects of your daily workout. It also helps you compare your current running performance with the previous one. Strava will help your track your speed, pace, distance, calories, and much more on your every run.

Turn your phone into a personal coach and join various brand clubs to meet different people.

Set your goals and get, set, and go with Strava.

Download the Strava app here

Pacer Pedometer

Developer: Pacer Health | Size: 42 MB | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

Tracking your steps while running is easy when you have a Pacer Pedometer. It is a free health counter app that will help you calculate your calories burned. This app will help to track all your activities.

Just set your goals and see the wonder the app, alongwith your body, does for you.

Your phone is enough to count the steps you ran in a day. You need not spend unnecessarily on buying fitness bands and other stuff like that.

Download the Pacer Pedometer app here

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