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Rythm music bot returns to Discord as activity app with bigger plans

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Rhythm, a music bot that was shut down three years ago, has returned to Discord as an activity app. It was created by Yoav Zimet and his friends, who played video games together and wanted to share music with other listeners in the same voice channel as a side project in 2016.

The bot has returned with a full UI instead of the old chat commands to control music and add songs to the queue. It has a music visualiser and allows viewing of the album art. It will launch on June 11 with free and paid options. It enables up to 20 people to join and create a playlist of music to listen to if they have the $4.99 premium tier.

Free users can do the same only if there is no premium user in the channel. The revenue from the subscriptions will be shared with publishers and labels. While music is missing from the app, it includes access to more than 50 million songs, and the company will reach out to more artists.

At the start, Rythm will not have any ads, even for free users; however, they may be added in the future. The ads will run at a planned rate, not taking up most of the user’s listening time. Attempting to be more than just an activity or a bot, the company intends to create a dedicated iOS, Android, and PC app.

The mobile app, which may be available later this year, will have the same minimalistic UI design and enable users to listen to music together, similar to how it works on Discord.

The move by Zimet and his team puts Rythm on the same plane as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and many more music streaming services. However, the company pushes listening to music in a more social way as many of the streaming services are intended to be used to listen to music alone

Three years ago, Youtube targeted Discord music bots that were streaming music into Discord voice chat through the video service. Rhythm, the second bot to be forced offline after Groovy, was shut down on September 15, 2021, after it received a notice from Youtube.

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Arun Maity

Arun Maity

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