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Samsung launches 110-inch transparent Micro LED at $150,000

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Photo: Samsung

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its latest innovation, the 110-inch transparent Micro LED display, ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 at a whopping price of $150,000.

The transparent Micro LED was in development for six years, and it took Samsung more than 200 iterations to optimise the product. This technology marks a significant leap in visual display technology, as the display’s modular design allows users to personalise the shape, size, and creation of their screens to fit any space and environment.

The densely packed LEDs, each smaller than 50 microns, emit the three primary colours directly, ensuring a clear picture quality without needing a colour filter.

“Traditional displays such as OLED and LCD have a filter and additional layers of materials over their light source which can block or absorb some of the light and impact the visual experience,” explained Tae-yong Son, Vice President Micro LED team at Samsung. “On the other hand, Micro LED does not utilise additional material layers, ensuring unmatched colour reproduction.”

A key differentiator for Micro LED is Samsung’s nanometer technology, derived from the company’s semiconductor expertise. This technology allows LED chip operation circuits to be directly deposited on the glass, mitigating brightness loss and eliminating the risk of screen burn-ins or permanent discolouration.

As per Yon, the main technical problems arose in placing the LEDs. “Imagine trying to place a tiny object, smaller than a human hair, in a specific position and angle. Then, repeat this action over half a million times. This is the process for placing LEDs, with each placement needing to be flawless,” explained Yon.

Source: Samsung

However, bringing the Micro LED displays to consumers poses another challenge for Samsung. Given the whooping cost of the 110-inch screen alongwith the dominance of established alternatives like LCDs and OLEDs, Samsung plans to invest in optimising the manufacturing process and reducing costs.

When Xiaomin announced the Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition, a 55-inch bezel-less mass-produced model, the world became aware of transparent TVs.

How much Samsung can lower the TV’s cost remains to be seen. One thing is certain: this TV will currently appeal only to a certain section of people. Even now, the product is out of stock on Samsung’s website.

“Micro LED is truly the pinnacle of consumer display, and it will redefine the visual experience across various devices,” said Son. “From augmented reality to the next generation of wearables, this cutting-edge technology underscores our vision for the future — an era of hyper-realistic viewing experiences, all powered by MICRO LED innovation.”

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