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How to save ChatGPT conversation?

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Millions of users worldwide have used ChatGPT to ask a variety of questions from plenty of topics including philosophy, music, and food to coding, mathematics, or riddles. There is no limit to the number of questions. However, there is a limit or a line on the quality of the question that allows no crass or malignant language as ChatGPT is always analysing the conversations and saving the data for its parent company, OpenAI’s trainers to pore over.

In this article, we will discuss the quick and easy ways to save your conversation session with ChatGPT. Easily spread information provided by ChatGPT, be it a quirky answer to a funny question or a coding solution.

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ChatSaving for ChatGPT

The uproar behind ChatGPT is mainly due to its ability to create entirely unique and non-plagiarised sentences within seconds. The answer to any question, prompt, or command will be replied to within a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the question asked. If you ask ChatGPT to write this article, it will do so in four seconds instead of the two hours that it took (or less, not revealing).

So if you have had some life-altering or not-so-altering but highly informative conversations with ChatGPT, you can proceed to save them via the following methods apart from the conventional ctrl+c and ctrl+v way:


Not your existence; it is the existence of your messages/conversations with ChatGPT. More often than not, ChatGPT will also save your conversations and label them. The label is usually based on the first question or prompt. This label can be later changed or deleted, as you will find a pencil and a trash icon next to this label.

ChatGPT stores and saves all of your data for improvement purposes. OpenAI’s AI trainers later view this conversation to improve any lags, responses, and other specific information. Your data is important feedback for ChatGPT to improve itself.

However, ChatGPT’s site may not open or respond due to the following reasons:

  • The site may be at capacity due to many people using it worldwide.
  • You may have left the site open for too long without any activity.


ShareGPT is a Chrome extension to help you share your ChatGPT conversations with the world. ChatGPT’s unique answers and take on a topic along with the creative questions posed by people will definitely lead to some hilarious or memorable answers. So you can now share any information received via ChatGPT easily with your friends or family by clicking on the Export/Share option shown at the bottom of the page of your ChatGPT conversation.

A new tab will open up with the saved conversation page in the same style. You can now copy and share the link of this tab with your friends.

HTML bookmark

You can also save your conversation in an HTML file format. Check the GitHub thread here from Polish developer Jakub T. Jankiewicz.

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