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How to scan documents in iPhone using the Notes app?

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Apple has done a great job in upgrading their notes app. Initially, the Notes app could only be used for what the name suggests — taking notes — but with incremental updates over the past years, Apple has added some cool features that allow users to import photos, make lists and even scan documents that can be shared with other people as well as on social platforms.

Editing the notes is easy as it is shared across your devices connected with your iCloud account. In this article, we’re going to discuss one specific feature of the Notes app that can save a lot of time when scanning and sharing documents. Here’s how you can scan documents on your iPhone or iPad using the built-in features of the Notes app.

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Scanning documents with the Notes app 

Open the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad and follow the steps mentioned below to scan your documents as well as save and share them.

How to scan documents in iPhone using the Notes app?

  • Tap on the compose button at the bottom-right of the notes folder to start a new note.
  • On the next page, tap on the ‘+’ icon above the keyboard to display additional features.
  • Now click on the camera icon from the list of tools above the keyboard.
  • From the options that appear at the bottom, tap on Scan Documents to start scanning.

Now refer to the screenshot below and follow the steps as mentioned.

  • Now, on the viewfinder, set your camera to an angle that it captures at least the entire page or a portion of the page and tap on the shutter button to start the scan, which depending on your device will take a few seconds to process. You can also press one of the volume buttons to complete the action.
  • Once the scan is complete, you’ll be taken to a crop window, where you can adjust the margins of your scanned document. If the scan is up to the mark, tap on the Keep Scan option at the bottom-right of the display, and you’ll be returned to the viewfinder.
  • Follow the same steps to capture more scans of your document. Once you’re done, upon returning to this viewfinder, tap on the Save button at the bottom-right of the display.

Once the scanned document is saved, you can share it with your friends using the Add People icon at the top of the page or share it across the platforms via the icon beside it or print the document. You can further edit your scanned document — change the filter, crop and rotate the document — using the options in the toolbar at the bottom of the display.

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