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Scroll is shutting up shop as ad-free experience moves to Twitter Blue

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The ad-free subscription service, Scroll, which was acquired by Twitter in May, will shut down within the next 30 days, according to an email sent by the company to subscribers. Twitter will be integrating Scroll features to its paid Twitter Blue subscription.

Scroll currently runs a subscription service that allows people to browse several hundreds of websites ad-free for $5 per month. Scroll paused new sign-ups at the time of the acquisition as the team announced that they’re working with Twitter to integrate their service into Twitter’s subscription plans and also grow their publisher network.

The integration of Scroll’s ad-free browsing service to the Twitter Blue subscription adds to the list of features included with the paid subscription, including Undo Tweet., Bookmark Folders and Reader Mode. In addition, subscribers can access custom app icons for the home screen, colour themes for the Twitter app and dedicated customer support.

While Scroll charged $5 per month from every subscriber, out of which 70% went to its publisher network, Twitter Blue subscription rolled out in Australia and Canada at $4.49 and $3.49, respectively. The subscription is expected to roll out in US and other countries in the coming months, with a rumoured subscription price of $2.99 in USA.

Twitter hasn’t yet indicated whether there will be a change in the subscription cost. However, if they remain the same, the publisher network might adversely affect their expected revenue unless Twitter pays out of its pocket.

Since Twitter is working on integrating the service and shutting down Scroll in the next few weeks, it looks likely that they’ll be rolling out Twitter Blue to more countries. But, if not, several Scroll subscribers might’ve to wait to get back to an ad-free browsing experience.

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