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Security firms are trying to keep breaches confidential: Research

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Over 42% of IT and security professionals out of the 400 surveyed were told to keep breaches confidential when the firms should have made it public, research by cybersecurity firm, Bitdefender, revealed.

The report is based on Bitdefender’s survey, covering countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Here are six key findings of the report:

  1. More than 42% of the IT/security professionals were told to keep the breaches confidential. 71% of the security professionals in the United States were most likely to keep quiet about the potential breaches while it was least in France with only 26.8%.
  2. About 52% of the firms surveyed suffered a data breach in the past 12 months led by the United States (75%).
  3. Over half of the 400 respondents to the survey said that they fear a lawsuit action by the company should they reveal the breach information to the public.
  4. Software vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits are the top concerns of security firms. Closely leading are phishing/social engineering threats and attacks targeting the supply chain mechanisms.
  5. The respondents have also spoken about extending the cybersecurity capabilities across environments as the top security challenge that they face. Not having the security skill set came in as a second with 36% of the respondents saying that they lack the desired security skill.
  6. Almost all respondents reported that using a managed security provider is a critical element of their security program. Using a managed detection and response service provides 27×7 security coverage and at the same time frees up internal IT/cybersecurity resources of the firm.

“Worldwide, organizations are under tremendous pressure to contend with evolving threats such as ransomware, zero-day vulnerabilities and espionage, while struggling with complexities of extending security coverage across environments and an ongoing skills shortage,” said Andrei Florescu, deputy general manager and senior vice president of products at Bitdefender Business Solutions Group. 

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