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How to set and remove password in Excel?

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Excel is a spreadsheet software where you can add graphs, sheets and statistics to your presentation. This software is also helpful if you want to keep a tab of your daily or monthly spendings, hours that you have studied or any other productivity work.

Moreover, Excel allows you to set passwords in your worksheet as well as the workbook thereby making it safe and secure. In this article, we explain ways to set and remove password in Excel.

Ways to set a password in Excel

There are two ways to set a password in Excel.

Method 1

Step 1: Click on File option at the top right of the screen.Step 2: Now, click on Info and then on the Protect Workbook.

Step 3: After that, select the Encrypt with password option from the drop-down menu. Also read: How to delete saved passwords in Firefox?

Method 2

Step 1: Go to the Review option from the top toolbar.Step 2: Now, click on Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook option. The former will save the current sheet while the latter will save the whole workbook. Step 3: Enter the password and set the preferences. After that, click on OK. Also read: How to export Google Calendar?

How to remove the password in Excel?

Removing the password is easy if you already know the password because as per Excel if you lose the password, it cannot be undone. So it would be better that you keep the password safe, either on your mind or jotted down in an app or otherwise.

Here are the steps to remove the password in Excel. Start by File > Info and then follow the steps given below to remove the password from the current sheet as well as the workbook.

Remove password from the workbook

Click on Unprotect workbook option. (look at the screenshot below to get an idea).

Remove password from the current sheet

To remove the password from the current sheet, click on the Protect workbook option and then click on Protect Current Sheet. An Unprotect Sheet window will appear. Enter the password and then hit OK. Or, you can click on the Review option and then click on Unprotect sheet. Enter the password and then select OK. Remember that removing the password will hamper the security and privacy of the file. If you choose to remove the password, make sure that file does not contain vital personally identifiable information.

Creating or removing password on Excel for a file is only possible via the PC version of the software.

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