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Top 7 shooting games in PS4

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FPS games are on the rise these days. People are not only playing them but are also buying the in-game skins and other customisable products on sale. But out of so many games, which one to play?

Here is a list of the seven best FPS games for PS4 that you can’t resist playing.

Apex Legends

Release date: 2/4/2019 | Price: Free | Download size: 23GB

Top 7 Shooting games in PS4

This 23GB superb game has amassed 25 million players till now. It is loved by many because of its action-packed shooting action, impressive weapons collection, and many customisations.

Three players can play this game at a time using their favourite characters. The only disadvantage of this game is that its solo mode isn’t that exciting and liked by people.

Download Apex Legends 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Release date: 4/30/2019 | Price: $59.99 | Download size: 42.64GB

No E-sports list can be completed without mentioning any game from the call of duty franchise. Call of duty: Black ops 4 is just another brilliant product of this franchise that you will love.

This instalment of the call of duty franchise embraces the new “Battle Royale” genre. With challenging gameplay, a big weapon store, and awesome graphics can leave anyone awestruck. The only bad thing about this game is that it’s a bit on the expensive side.

Download Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 

Far Cry 5

Release date: 3/27/2018 | Price: $59.99 | Download size: 4.2GB

The Far Cry franchise has been a big hit among the gaming fraternity, and this fifth instalment of this game is no different. This game hits all the right spots, thus making it super fun and competitive to play.

This game has one of the best graphics of all FPS games present in the market; moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to explore new things with good side branching stories. The only flaw of this game is that it feels mundane at times due to the lack of challenging gameplay.

Download Far Cry 5

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Battlefield V

Release date: 11/20/2018 | Price: $39.99 | Download size: 43GB

A WW-II based FPS game will take you on a wild ride of adventure and fun. You are absolutely going to love this game because of its action-packed guns, top-notch guns and weapons and awesome graphics.

This game’s only flaw is that the vehicle graphics look a bit different and are low on quality.

Download Battlefield 5

Titanfall 2

Release date: 10/28/2016 | Price: $19.99 | Download size: 12.5GB

Titan 2 is the kind of game that can fulfil your love for single-player mode gameplay. A fast-paced shooting game with powerful weapons and skill-based manoeuvres and with nine different chapters in single-player mode — this game is a complete package.

The only flaw in this game is that the graphics aren’t that good.

Download Titanfall2 

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Release date: 27/10/2017 | Price: $53.59 | Download size: 46.13GB

To get a great game with a great storyline is very difficult to find, but Wolfstein 2: The New Colossus is just what you expect from a great storytime FPS game. You can slay as many nazis and KKK extremists as you want to. With some intriguing gameplay, funny dialogues from the enemy soldiers and improved weapons, you will love this game.

The only flaw in this is that it requires learning before becoming a pro.

Download Wolfstein 2: The New Colossus


Release date: 7/21/2017 | Price: Free | Download size: 7.5GB

The most talked-about and popular game of this decade, Fortnite is also available for mobile phones. This game took the E-sports market by storm because of its largest weapon store, exciting gameplay, options to customise your avatar to your liking and creative gameplay.

The only bad thing about this game is that the graphics may not be as per everyone’s liking.

Download Fortnite 

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