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Slack’s redesign update rolls out for Android and iOS

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Earlier this year in March, Slack announced an update to its desktop client, which included a new navigation bar and a compose button, an updated sidebar, folder-like organisational feature and shortcuts to access certain features. Now, the company has rolled out the redesign for Android and iOS too.

Here’s all that the new redesign brings to Slack.

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The navigation bar, sidebar and compose

The new navigation bar is aimed at making it quicker for users to search the channel as well as toggle between recent conversations. Vital information such as mentions, reactions, files, people and app will also be placed at the top of the sidebar.

The new compose button will also appear at the top of the sidebar, which will offer added convenience to draft a message before deciding the recipient. Just like in email services, any drafts will be automatically saved and can be accessed later.

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As mentioned above, the new update will also allow users to organise in folder-like setting on Slack too. Users on paid Slack plans can now create new sections and organise their channels, messages and apps.

To shift anything from the sidebar to a specific section, simply drag and drop.

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The update also brings several useful tool short cuts in Slack. Users will see a new lightning bolt icon at the left of the message box, which will give access to several apps.

Users can create a poll using Simple Poll, use Cisco WebEx Meetings to start a virtual meeting and use Freshdesk’s shortcut to create a customer support ticket. Slack will be adding more apps to the shortcut in the coming weeks.

Users can also access native Slack tools and start a call, create a post, set a reminder or automate workflows via the lightning bolt shortcut button.

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