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Sony announces the PlayStation VR2; reveals new game for the platform

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Sony announced the next version of their virtual reality system for the Playstation 5, the PSVR 2, on Tuesday. The new VR console has better visuals, enhanced tracking, new sensory features and a simplified single-cord setup over USB-C.

The better visuals are offered courtesy of 4K HDR, foveated rendering with a 110-degree field of view. The headset also has an OLED display that runs at a 2000 x 2040 resolution going and toggles between 90 or 120Hz for the refresh rate.

The new console addition also adds a new set of controllers with improvements from the original PSVR. The PSVR 2 Sense controllers come with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers allowing players to have more control options in-game.

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Beating the competition this time?

The new headset features inside-out tracking, meaning the headset tracks you and the controllers using integrated cameras in the headset itself, removing the need for an external camera. Apart from this, there’s eye-tracking: headset feedback, 3D audio.

Headset feedback is powered by a single in-built motor in the headset that adds further immersion for the player. For example, players will be able to sense things like a character’s elevated pulse, vehicle thrust if they’re driving at speed or even the rush of objects passing close to the in-game character’s head.

A screenshot from the new Horizon Coll of the Mountain game | Source: Sony

The first PSVR was reasonably competent and affordable but was limited in terms of its hardware capacity. With these new changes, Sony finally aims to catch up to the competition this time around. 

Sony has also announced a new game built from the ground up for the new PSVR 2 — Horizon Call of the Mountain. This latest announcement comes only a few weeks before the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, coming in on February 18, 2022. The game fully supports the new PSVR 2 Sense controllers adding more immersion for the players to experience.

PSVR 2 Hardware specifications

Here are the hardware specifications for the new PSVR 2

SpecificationPSVR 2
DisplayOLED 2000 x 2040 (per eye)
90/120 Hz refresh rate
110-degree FOV
SensorsSix-axis motion sensing system with three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer.
CamerasFour embedded cameras for headset and controller tracking.
Two IR cameras (one per eye) for eye tracking.
FeedbackHeadset vibration

PSVR 2 Sense controller specifications

Here are the hardware specifications for the new Sense controllers.

SpecificationsPSVR 2 Sense Controller
SensorsSix-axis motion sensing system with three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer.
Capacitive sensor for finger touch detection.
IR LED for position tracking.
FeedbackTrigger effect on L2/R2 buttons.
Single actuator triggered haptic feedback.
CommsBluetooth 5.1

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