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Sony’s next PlayStation will be a handheld device

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If the new reports are to be believed, Sony’s new PlayStation will be a handheld one. Although the company is silent on the issue, the news has sparked curiosity and excitement among the gaming enthusiasts who had been waiting eagerly for Sony’s next release.

Insider Gaming has reported that Sony is working on a new project codenamed the Q Lite, this next piece of Sony hardware requires the PlayStation 5 and will not be a cloud-streaming device. Instead, it will use Remote Play with the PlayStation 5, which is a feature that the console giant has been pushing these past few weeks. The device will require constant connectivity to the internet and will have adaptive streaming up to 1080p and 60 FPS.

Source: Insider Gaming

According to early prototypes, the device will look a lot like PlayStation 5 controller, but with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the centre. The device will also include features such as adaptive triggers for haptic feedback. volume buttons, speakers, and an audio input jack, among others.

Insider Gaming has stated that Q Lite is in its QA phase and is expected to release before the PlayStation 5 Pro and after the Detachable Disc Drice PS5. This news is significant as Sony is planning to increase its gaming hardware offerings lately. Industry insider Jeff Grubb mentioned that Sony is planning to announce its ‘second phase of PS5’ which was in reference to its future game slate.

This second phase is also true for Sony’s other hardware offerings such as a new detachable disc drive PlayStation 5, Project Nomad (wireless earphones), Project Voyager (wireless headsets), and Q Lite (handheld) all scheduled to release within a very short period with PlayStation Pro aiming for a holiday 2024 release.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next PlayStation Showcase as it will be going to be a big one.

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