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How to Spell Check in Excel?

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Microsoft Excel does not underline spelling errors like in Powerpoint or Word, which means a silly mistake might go unnoticed and hamper the credibility of your worksheet. Spell Check in Excel comes in handy to avoid such issues.

Though Excel users mostly work with numbers, the Spell Check feature allows you to tackle text-heavy files efficiently.

Spell Check can be accessed by the keyboard shortcut F7 and selecting the required cell or group of cells. Utilising the Review option present in Excel’s menu bar is another method to use Spell Check.

Use this guide as a walk through to enable Spell Check in Excel.

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How to check spellings in Excel?

F7 is a valid keyboard shortcut to launch Spell Check on Excel’s desktop version but not on Office Live. Alternatively, using the Review window can do the needful.

To use Spell Check on both Excel desktop and Office Live, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on the cell for which you want to check the spelling.

How to Spell Check in Excel? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Select Review from the top menu bar.

Step 3: Click on the Spelling option at the top-left.

Spelling errors will be shown cell by cell under Not in Dictionary in a dialogue box. Correct suggestions by Excel can be seen in Suggestions.

Step 4:. Click on Change to change spelling.

The changed spelling is now visible in the cell.

Excel automatically moves from left to right cells in each row. Click on Ignore once if you want to retain your spelling.

The spell check dialogue box consists of different actions available to perform on a word:

  • Ignore Once: If users want to keep a word unchanged even though it identifies as incorrect.
  • Ignore All: Used when all instances of the concerned word are to be kept unchanged.
  • Add to Dictionary: Appends the word you choose to Excel’s dictionary.
  • Change: Spell check highlights the spelling errors in cells. Using Change corrects these errors to the suggestion picked by the user.
  • Change All: Changes all the instances where there is a particular error to a suggestion picked by you.
  • AutoCorrect: Lets you add a misspelt word as a suggestion.
  • Dictionary Language: Using this dropdown allows you to change the dictionary language.

Step 5: Once you’ve reached the final cell, you’ll be asked if you want to continue checking at the beginning of the sheet. Click No if you’re satisfied with the updated cells.

Step 6: Click OK to exit Spell Check. Changed spellings appear in their respective boxes. Unchanged errors remain highlighted in a particular colour.

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