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Spotify to hold five concerts in a Virtual Concert Experience

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On Wednesday, Spotify announced that it’ll be holding five ticketed concert performances in collaboration with Driift throughout the next month.

These performances are part of what Spotify is calling a ‘Virtual Concert Experience’. They’ll be integrating concerts into the overall listening experience on the app by making performances easier to help fans find and track artists and performances they care about. 

The performance alerts will be personalised to the users, and hence, users will get concert alerts according to what the platform thinks will interest them the most. Regardless, you can buy tickets for any of the five upcoming concerts, starting at $15 plus taxes or your local currency equivalent here.

Users who don’t have a Spotify account can also hop in by creating one for free.

Spotify to hold five concerts in a Virtual Concert Experience

Here’s a list of all the five upcoming concerts. Note that these will be prerecorded live streams. 

The Black KeysMay 27The band will be performing from the Blue Front Cafe in Mississippi.
Rag’n’Bone ManJune 3WIll be performing from the Roundhouse in London. Fans will be able to join the artist as well.
Bleachers’ Jack AntonoffJune 10Fans will be able to enjoy a journey from Brooklyn, NY, to Asbury Park, NJ—all while on a city bus. 
Leon BridgesJune 17The performance will come from the Gold-Diggers Hotel, where the artist spent time writing, recording, and being inspired for his upcoming July album, Gold-Diggers Sound.
girl in redJune 24The performance will be based in Oslo and will feature unique lights and video filters.

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Spotify brings new features to its apps to make accessibility easier

Three new accessibility features are coming to the app over the next few weeks, Spotify announced on Tuesday.

Spotify to hold five concerts in a Virtual Concert Experience
The three new accessibility features in the Spotify app.

Change in button colours

Starting today, you’ll start noticing a change in colour to some of the most commonly pressed buttons on the Spotify app. The update aims to make it easier for low-visibility or visually impaired users to engage with these actions on the app. 

The new colour scheme on the buttons will also help users in low-lighting or high screen reflection situations. Additionally, there’s a change in text formatting from all caps to create more space for translations in localisation in over 60 languages. 

Larger tiles/text

The text and other buttons and tiles across the app can now be enlarged in addition to the existing system settings — improving the overall navigation experience and giving users more control over the way the app looks.  

Automatically generated podcast transcripts

Finally, Spotify is also bringing automatically generated podcast transcripts. This is currently a limited-beta feature available for select Spotify Original and Exclusive podcasts across iOS and Android.

The feature will automatically generate text transcripts for said podcasts, allowing uses to read along either with or without audio. Users will also be able to scroll or navigate through multiple episodes quickly. You can also tap on a paragraph to get to that point in the audio. 

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