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Spotify brings ‘What’s New’ to keep track of new music and podcasts

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Spotify is rolling out a new feature called What’s New, which aims to make it easier for people to discover new music and podcasts. The feature will be available on the Spotify app for iOS and Android over the coming weeks.

According to the company, as of February, more than 50,000 hours of music and podcasts were added to Spotify every day, and that’s an overwhelming amount of content for anyone to follow, which could result in people missing out on new releases from their favourite artists or podcasters.

The ‘what’s new’ feature will enhance content discovery on Spotify by updating the list in real-time, with a focus on all the artists and podcasters followed by a person.

The feed for the new feature can be accessed using the new bell icon located at the top of the Home tab on the Spotify app for Android and iOS.

What’s new section will also include filters to help people sort new releases, including music and podcasts.

The ‘what’s new’ feature on Spotify had been long coming. In June, Spotify acquired Podz, a podcast discovery app that recommends a customised list of three podcasts daily from the people’s subscriptions on Android and iOS. Podz generates clips that help users preview key moments from podcast episodes, making it easier to discover podcasts that may interest people.

Spotify says that they’ve been working on making podcast discovery better for over a decade, but more work needs to be done, and that’s where they expect the Podz team and technology to help them.

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