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Spotify Wrapped not working? Quick Fix

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps of all time. The app offers both free and premium plans for its users to enjoy music from artists all around the globe. 

One more thing Spotify does is announce a wrapped album at the end of the year with several different statistics about how you used the app and the music you listened. However, you might not always see it as quickly as Spotify wants.

In this article, we’re looking at five ways to fix the Spotify Wrapped not working error. 

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Search manually

Follow these steps if you’re not seeing the Spotify Wrapped banner or tapping it doesn’t do anything. 

Spotify Wrapped not working? 5 Fixes
  • Open Spotify and tap the Search button.
  • Type Spotify:special:2021 and hit enter.
  • Tap on the search result and the wrapped should open fine. 

Keep in mind that if you’re doing this after Spotify has pulled Wrapped from the app, this method won’t work. 

Try restarting

Restart the Spotify app on your device (whether PC or your phone) and check to make sure you have an active connection. Restarting can fix many seemingly random issues that appear to be coming out of nowhere. You can also log out of Spotify on your device and log back in again to see if that makes the wrapped appear.

Look for updates

The next thing to do is check for updates for the Spotify app. If there’s one available, install the update immediately and check if your issue has been solved.

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Reinstall the app

Another twist on the classic on/off tip, except this time we’re going full-on by completely removing the app and installing it again.

Sometimes apps need to build themselves from scratch to resolve any under the hood errors they might have. This will help get everything a fresh start and can help you access Spotify Wrapped.

Clear out the app cache

This further takes the step mentioned above and deletes any data that the app might have stored on your phone or PC and forces it to rebuild the entire library again. 

Often files saved in the cache get corrupted or unreadable for several reasons, which can cause random, unexplainable crashes for just about any app. Clearing out the cache forces the app to rebuild it, solving problems such as Spotify Wrapped not working in the process.

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