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Steam Cloud Error: Quick Fix

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Steam is one of the most popular PC gaming platforms around at the moment. Its massive library of thousands of games in addition to the social and management features it brings makes it a breeze to use and hence the massive userbase. 

That said, just like everything tech, Steam isn’t perfect and keeps running into random bugs and glitches from time to time. In this article, we’re talking about the Steam Cloud error, its causes and how you can fix the problem.

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What causes this error?

Problems with cloud syncing can be caused by a number of reasons including:

  • Slow internet connection. 
  • Outdated Steam version. 
  • Steam server issues. 

How to fix this?

Here are eight fixes you can try out. 

Check internet connection

Now’s also a good time to check whether or not you have an active internet connection. If you’re on WiFi, make sure you’ve got an active link and that there are no signal issues. On cellular data, ensure that it’s enabled and that you’re getting good network coverage. 

Restarting your router can help get rid of a bunch of seemingly random internet and connectivity issues that may be hindering your connection to Steam’s servers. 

Check Steam servers

Another thing you should do is check whether or not the service itself is working or not. Steam is used by millions across the globe, and the occasional outage here and there isn’t anything surprising. 

You can use this page to check Steam’s server status. 

Verify Game Files

Steam has a built-in feature that verifies your game files and reinstalls any files that might be damaged. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Head over to your Steam Library, right-click on the problematic game and select Properties.

Step 2: Head over to the Local Files tab.

Step 3: Click on Verify integrity of local files… and let Steam do its thing.

This should fix the cloud sync issue. 

Check if Steam Cloud Sync is enabled

Another thing to do is to check if Cloud Sync is actually enabled. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open Steam, click the Steam menu in the top left and select Settings. 

Step 2: Head over to the Cloud tab and ensure that the Enable Steam Cloud Syncronisation for applications that support it checkbox is checked. 

Restart Steam and that should resolve the error. 

Repair Steam library

Repairing your entire Steam library can also often resolve sync issues. 

Step 1: Open Steam, click the Steam menu in the top left and select Settings. 

Step 2: Head over to the Download tab and click the Steam Library Folders button. 

Step 3: Select the drive with your Steam library on it, click the three horizontal dots to the right and select Repair Folder. 

Wait for Steam to finish the process, restart it and that should fix the error. 

Check the Windows Firewall

At this point, it’s also a good idea to check whether your Windows Firewall is blocking Steam’s connection to its servers. If your firewall is improperly set up or has blocked Steam, it won’t be able to connect giving you this error. 

Check out our detailed guide to know how to unblock programs from the Windows Firewall.

Restart your Steam client

One of the simplest ways to resolve a majority of issues with Steam is to simply restart the client. Follow the steps mentioned below to restart the Steam client completely.

Step 1: Log out of Steam by clicking on your profile name at the top-right, followed by Log out of account.

Step 2: Then right click on the Steam icon in the toolbar and click on Exit. Then start Steam as you normally would.

Alternatively, you can also force close Steam from the Task Manager and restart it as you normally would for the same effect. 

Reinstall Steam

Reinstalling Steam from scratch can also help fix the problem. This will get rid of any corrupt, damaged or missing system files that Steam needs to run properly, which might be triggering the issue for you. 

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