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Why do Sticky Notes still exist? Why should you use them?

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If you’re someone who has to deal with a lot of little bits and pieces of information all the time, you surely use sticky notes. They’re a great way to keep a small amount of information at hand.

Sticky Notes for PC was first introduced as a sidebar gadget in Windows Vista and established its foothold with Windows 7, where it would run as a background application and would stick to the desktop. They were perhaps the most commonly used and the most practical widget Windows 7 ever had.

Fast forward to Windows 10, the widgets are gone for good, but the sticky notes managed to stay. They’re not as prominent as they used to be, but they’re still just as useful.

In Windows 10, sticky notes have been upgraded from a mere widget to a complete app. This app functions as an extension of Microsoft’s popular notes app OneNote. And all of this just makes the whole thing a lot better.

The Windows 10 Sticky Notes app


However, many consumers don’t even seem to be aware of the fact that it even exists. A lot of people do want it an app like this, but they don’t even know it exists.

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Why should you use Sticky Notes in Windows 10 and how to use them?

The sticky notes in Windows 10 are just a few clicks away. Just open up your start menu and search for them, they’re right there in your face.

Now there are several reasons why you would want to use sticky notes — a prominent one being, productivity. You’ll notice the ease with which you can retain even the smallest bits of information and sync them across your devices.

To sync notes to your phone, simply download the OneNote application and log in with your Microsoft account. You’ll see all your notes right there. From here, you can add more notes, edit existing ones and change various other properties.

You can also choose to export your notes out to your mailbox.

Sticky Notes are also accessible from your smartphone

Sticky notes also offer a whole lot of features than just simply sticking text onto your desktop. You can colour code the notes and format the text whatever way you want. Also, if you write a date into a note, it’ll automatically detect it and give you the ability to make a calendar event straight from the note itself.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the sticky notes app uses very less memory even if you have a lot of notes open on your desktop.

All in all, it is a very handy and readily available tool that pretty much all of us need at one point or another. Start using it, and you’ll realise the sheer convenience that they offer.

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