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Can you stream Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo’s Switch is a great handled console. It’s portable, easy to use, has a good library of games and doesn’t make a huge dent in your pocket. However, despite its many features, the console still has things that are missing from the overall experience.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the presence of something else other than gaming on the consoles — Streaming and, in particular, Netflix.

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Streaming Netflix on the Switch

There’s no doubt that Netflix would make a great addition to the Switch. With streaming services like Hulu and YouTube already on the console, it’s capable of handling the resolution and the actual streaming process itself. 

So why isn’t Netflix more heard about on the Switch? Because the service isn’t available for the handheld console yet. 

Nintendo’s Wii also lost a majority of its streaming services in early 2019 as the company planned to shut down all network services for the Wii, causing companies to pull their services from the platform. However, this does indicate that we could see Netflix on the Switch sometime in the future.

The Switch can go 720p at 60Hz when handheld and 1080p at 60Hz when docked. This means that the device can handle the resolution required for streaming Netflix. And with services like Hulu, YouTube and Funimation already on the platform,

Can you stream Netflix on Nintendo Switch?
The Switch eShop

YouTube is free, while Hulu and Funimation require paid memberships. All three streaming services can be found in the console’s eShop. Users can easily download these apps from the eShop and start streaming their content of choice. 

It’s just a matter of time when Netflix also joins the party, and with the introduction of Android to the device, the chances are looking good. How long will that be, well that’s anyone’s guess to take. 

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