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What is Summit IMS service on Android? Is it safe?

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Summit IMS service is a system app available on Android devices to help the effective implementation of multimedia services like text messaging and phone calls through an IP (Internet Protocol) network.

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a standardized architectural framework telecommunication operators use for multimedia communication services such as video and voice calls, text messages and multimedia messages over an IP network.

What is the Summit IMS service?

IMS is short for IP Multimedia Subsystem, a standardized architectural framework used in the telecommunications industry.

Summit IMS service is an app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones and is responsible for delivering multimedia services like Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-Fi calling, and Rich Communications Services (RCS).

Summit Tech is the organisation behind the app, specialising in advanced communication technologies like IMS services such as RCS and VoLTE, cellular IoT and virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR).

The benefit of communication via IMS is that network providers can allocate bandwidth depending on the type of service needed to ensure effective and consistent network connectivity. It is the seamless integration of traditional cellular networks with internet-based services.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE)

The LTE in VoLTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a 4th Gen wireless standard for cellular network technology. Telecommunication companies use the term LTE to describe a network that falls short of the 4G network standards regarding speed.

VoLTE uses the LTE network to transmit voice traffic and data. To make a VoLTE call, all participating devices should have VoLTE capabilities and be within the range of a VoLTE network.

Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling or Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) uses Wi-Fi connections to transmit phone calls or voice calls. Instead of using apps like WhatsApp, the call is directly placed through the default calling function on your smartphone. Instead of using the traditional cellular network, the operators direct the call traffic through a Wi-Fi network. This feature is handy when there is low connectivity for your cellular network.

RCS (Rich Communication Service)

RCS is the new communication standard introduced, replacing traditional SMS and MMS to create a seamless messaging experience similar to dedicated messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp.

Is Summit IMS Service safe?

Summit IMS service is a legitimate system application dedicated to providing enhanced connectivity for multimedia services, including voice and video calls and text messages, and is safe to use.

However, every app is prone to vulnerabilities and can be misused by cyber attackers if these vulnerabilities are not patched. Users must update their device OS and apps to prevent attackers from leveraging app vulnerabilities to obtain confidential information.

If you encounter issues with your IMS registration, we suggest you restart your phone, reinsert the SIM card, check if your SIM card is enabled, switch to Airplane mode, reset your network settings or switch the network mode to auto.

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