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Telegram 10.5.0: Enhanced calls, Thanos Snap, bot upgrades and more

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To enhance user experience, the instant messaging platform Telegram has launched its 10.5.0 update. The update pledges enhanced performance, introduces revamped call screens, a new Thanos Snap animation for deleted messages and more.

Central to this update is the redesigned call screen, which now boasts fresh animations and dynamic backgrounds that change dynamically based on the call’s status.

“In this update, we have totally redesigned calls, adding new animations and beautiful backgrounds that change dynamically based on the call’s status: ringing, active or ended. The new interface requires fewer resources than before, saving battery life and working better on older devices,” announced Telegram.

Telegram’s development team, addressing user feedback, claims to have squashed pesky bugs and glitches while bolstering call quality. The company also shared a glimpse of future updates focused on overall connection and audio quality.

Source: Telegram

A standout addition is the Thanos Snap animation, initially introduced for auto-deleted messages on iOS. This theatrically inspired animation, now available on Android and iOS platforms, injects a touch of drama into the act of message deletion. Fans of Marvel will surely love this new addition to the platform. The Thanps Snap will also apply to the auto-delete messages.

The platform has also upgraded the bots with the Bot API 7.0. Telegram’s legion of bots is renowned for its versatility in augmenting app functionalities. With this new update, bots can react to messages, reply to chats or topics, and adeptly manage reactions, quotes, and links.

Moreover, bots assigned admin roles in channels can provide valuable information about giveaways and boosts to the channel members, thereby expanding their utility within the Telegram ecosystem.

Telegram developers have hinted that additional surprises will be unveiled later this month.

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