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Tesla Phone: Everything you need to know

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Tesla has been known to launch quirky products from time to time, whether it’s the Cybertruck inspired electric car for kids, umbrellas with their logos, whistles and even tequila. Now, rumours are going around the internet hinting that the company might be getting into smartphones reportedly called Tesla Phone Pi/P.

While there’s no word from the company itself, most Tesla phone rumours have come from a YouTube video from Adrstudiodesign uploaded in February 2021. The video clearly states that these are just the designer’s ideas, not real leaks or details. They’ve put up renders on their website as well.

Besides, the rumoured features for the phone are borderline sci-fi, at least at the moment. Features like Neuralink support and Mars connectivity are too advanced to be anything close to reality at the moment.

However, if that’s still not enough reason for you to believe that these are only rumours, this tweet from Elon Musk should suffice where he states that “smartwatches and phones are yesterday’s technology”.

While Musk’s views about manufacturing smartphones (or the future of smartphones) could change with technological advancements, it doesn’t look like a Tesla phone is on the company’s roadmap for the near future.

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Tesla phone pre-orders and rumoured release date

This isn’t the first time a car manufacturer has tried getting into the smartphone world. Famous brands like Porsche, Mclaren and even Ferrari have tried to make smartphones, but these were usually in collaboration with companies that were already making smartphones.

It isn’t impossible that Tesla would make a smartphone, but we’d expect to see an announcement months before launch. Pre-orders will open up beforehand as well, much like Tesla’s Cybertruck. 

Tesla Phone: Everything you need to know
The Tesla phone Pi. | Source: ADR Studio

Some rumours have put the launch date in 2022 or 2023, but Musk’s tweet is evidence enough to believe that’s not going to happen. Sure, Tesla could make a phone, but it won’t happen with the information currently floating around on the internet, and the actual release date would be much further in the future. 

How much will the Tesla phone cost?

A phone with a tech stack as advanced as the Tesla phone will easily cost more than a few thousands dollars. While the technology will get cheaper as the phone trickles down to the masses, the first iteration wouldn’t be anywhere close to cheap. 

Assuming the Tesla phone Model Pi/P is real, you can easily expect a price tag upwards of $1000. 

Tesla Phone ‘Pi’ specs and features

You can expect nothing short of flagship specs here. While we’re not sure of what SoC the phone will run, you can expect 16GB RAM, 1-2TB of storage and an AMOLED display of around 6.5-inches. 

Considering the phone is coming from Tesla, you can expect some pretty amazing features here. Here’s what the rumours have to say.

Satellite internet

Musk’s Starlink could come in to provide satellite internet support built directly into the phone. However, it’d be interesting to see how Tesla hides the giant antenna required to catch signals from the satellite in the phone’s body without compromising on signal strength. 

Car Control

Remote controls for your car will be one of the defining features of the phone. It is a Tesla phone, after all. There’s a good chance that the phone will come preinstalled with an app to perform basic car functions like locking/unlocking, media controls and vehicle summon. These controls could also be built right into the phone’s operating system for better integration and user experience. 

The Tesla phone might come with controls for your Tesla cars. | Source: ADR Studio

Solar charging

Another rumoured feature of the Tesla phone is its solar charging capabilities. Tesla manufactures solar panels and knows a thing or two about building and recharging batteries, so it’s no surprise that the phone could be solar-powered.

Neuralink support

Yet another Elon Musk brainchild, Neuralink support could be provided for the Tesla phone. Neuralink is currently working on a brain implant that’ll let you control a PC or phone. There’s a chance that the Tesla phone could be using the Neuralink app to integrate this functionality. 

Neuralink support is also a possibility. | Source: ADR Studio

Cryptocurrency mining

Rumour also has it that the Tesla phone will mine cryptocurrency. Elon Musk has been rather vocal about crypto but it’ll take some serious hardware in the phone to be able to pull that off. The Tesla phone could mine MarsCoin, something Musk himself has tweeted about. 

Is Elon Musk really interested in making a phone?

Considering Elon’s track record, one certainly can’t write off the idea that any of his companies won’t make one. However, his other projects indicate that a phone might not be the way forward. If Neuralink does succeed in creating a brain implant as visionary as Musk intends it to be, phones might just be redundant, as supported by the aforementioned tweet. Musk thinks phones and smartwatches are devices of ‘yesterday’.

However, if Musk does decide to go ahead with a phone, a Tesla Phone or device could look a lot like the rumours describe. Satellite internet and in-built controls for Tesla cars would be a sure shot feature, and while crypto mining and Neuralink support might seem unlikely, you can never be sure of what Elon surprises us with in the future.

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