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What does ‘the number you’ve dialled is unallocated’ mean? Quick Fix

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“The number you have dialled is unallocated”, is this what you heard when you tried calling your best friend last time? Or did your best friend face this issue when they tried calling you? Well, don’t worry because you are not the only one hearing this message.

This message means that either the administrator has not assigned this number to a provider or the provider has not assigned it to a subscriber. Let’s take a look at some of the possible causes and fixes related to “the number you’ve dialled is unallocated” issue.

What causes this issue?

Several reasons can trigger the “the number you’ve dialled is unallocated” error. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Wrong Number

This is the most fundamental reason why you are bound to get “the number you are calling is unallocated” message, so before you call someone, just check the number twice to make sure the number you are trying to get is indeed correct.

Spoofed Number

The phone numbers used by scammers, telemarketers, spammers etc., are computer generated and are known by the term spoof numbers. If you miss their calls and try calling them back, then surely you will get to hear a “The number you have dialled is unallocated” message.

Unpaid bills

If either you or the person you are calling haven’t paid your phone bills, this can lead to the termination of your mobile number, and thus this message can be heard either by you or by someone calling you.

Temporary network issues

This can also be caused if there is some network outage or issue, which can affect your phone’s network, and thus this message can again appear.

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How to fix the issue?

You can try any of the solutions listed below to see if that solves “the number you’ve dialled is unallocated” issue for you.

Contact Support

If many people are complaining about receiving unallocated call messages whenever they call you, then we suggest you contact your network provider.

You can check with them about any issues from your side, like any pending bills. If there aren’t any issues, chances are your carrier is facing some problems, and they already are working on fixing them.

Read the number again

Try reading and verifying if the number you are calling is dialled correctly or not. You can also delete the number and try dialling it again.

Check your Google voice settings

If you are receiving an unallocated number message on your Google voice, then here’s how you fix the problem.

  • Head over to your Google voice settings page and confirm that the phone number is at the top of the settings.
  • Enter your phone number and confirm that the carrier is correct.

You can also try visiting the Google Voice account recovery page and recovering your number to see if you receive any messages from Google.

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