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Top 10 most followed playlists on Spotify

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps on the planet right now that has a host of features which lets users listen and share music with people all over the world.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 most followed playlists on Spotify, some of which could match your vibes.

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Today’s Top Hits

As the name suggests, the playlist updates every day with the top songs that are out there. At the time of writing, this playlist has 27.1 million followers.

Top 10 most followed playlists on Spotify | Candid.Technology
You can find the Today's Top Hits playlist here.

Global Top 50

Another playlist that updates very frequent, this one holds the global top 50 tracks at any given point in time. Currently, the playlist has around 15.8 million followers and is curated by Spotify.

You can find the Global Top 50 playlist here.

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If you like listening to rap a lot, here’s another Spotify curated playlist followed by around 13.5 million followers at the moment. The playlist keeps updating with the latest rap hits out there so you won’t miss anything. 

You can find the RapCaviar playlist here. 

Viva Latino

Another Spotify curated playlist, this one indulges in daily top Latin hits. It must be good, to say the least, because right now it has 10.7 million followers.

You can find the Viva Latino playlist here. 

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Baila Reggaeton

Here’s a playlist that covers the daily hottest reggaeton hits. The playlist is curated by Spotify and has around 10.1 million followers.

You can find the Baila Reggaeton playlist here.

Songs to Sing in the Car

Everyone wants good music on their long drives but if you’re looking to slack off on the effort of making your own car playlist, you can just use this one by Spotify to sing along and enjoy your drive. It’s followed by 9.7 million people worldwide.

You can find the Songs to Sing in the Car playlist here.

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All Out 00s

Fan of the good old 2000s classics? Well, Spotify has got your back and the backs of 8.9 million other people as well. 

You can find the All Out 00s playlist here.

Rock Classics

This playlist covers rock legends and epic songs that have inspired generations and continue to do so. The playlist has around 8.6 million followers.

You can find the Rock Classics playlist here.

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All Out 80s

The 80s was a crazy decade for music, or as Spotify puts it, “Dramatic, drivers to the sometimes ridiculous”. The playlist has around 7.9 million followers.

You can find the All Out 80s playlist here.

Beast Mode

Looking for music to hit the gym or take on that high-intensity workout? Turn this playlist on and get your beast mode going. The songs in here must be effective because the playlist has around 7.6 million followers. 

You can find the Beast Mode playlist here.

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