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Top 5 Microsoft Visio alternatives

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Microsoft Visio is a powerful piece of software that helps visually depict complex data in flowcharts, graphs, charts, diagrams and more. It is generally used by IT professionals, engineers as well as in other businesses to create diagrams with data in real-time and automate workflow. But since you have to pay for accessing this software, many people look for Visio alternatives that get the work done for free or at least try them for free. In this article, we’ve listed five of the best Microsoft Visio alternatives you should check out that’ll get the work done and have free subscriptions on offer too.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.Top 5 free Microsoft Visio alternatives | Candid.Technology This is a web-based alternative for Microsoft Visio that also. If you want to draw any diagram, then LucidChart will provide you with a drag-and-drop web interface. You can also build your layouts in collaboration with your team members. The best feature of LucidChart is that it easily export or import Microsoft Visio VDX files.

Visit the LucidChart site here

ASCIIFlow Infinity

Platforms: Browser.

This is a simple, swift, easy and instantly accessible diagramming tool that you’ll come across which will help you get the work done efficiently. Alternatively, you can use the Windows shortcuts (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Z, among others) to change your diagrams quickly. To make things clear, you can also change the format of the boxes from ASCII to Lines. You can sync it all with Google Drive.

Visit the ASCIIFlow Infinity site here


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Browser. This robust diagramming app integrates with various services like Google Drive, Confluence and JIRA. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface. It also contains a large variety of exportable formats. It is free for students, but others only have access to the basic version for a 14-day trial and then have to pay to continue.

Visit the Gliffy site here

yEd Graph Editor

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.yED is a user-friendly diagramming software that has you covered from flowcharts, to family trees, to more technical diagrams such as network infrastructures and process models. To suit the kind of data you want to enter, you can set your chart to lay itself automatically. After you are done with everything, you can save your chart as a JPEG, XML or HTML which makes it easy for you to upload on websites or send to clients.

Visit the yEd Graph Editor site here


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. In Graphviz, you can create graphs, hierarchies and so on by just using command-line utility and the robust DOT language. If you want to enter the vast amounts of your data and at the same time you aren’t fussy about colours, then this is the tool for you.

Visit the Graphviz site here

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