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Top 7 YouTube alternatives every streamer must check out

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When you say user-generated online video content, YouTube is the first site that pops into mind that’s a testament to the popularity of the video streaming site.

But if you’re bored of the creators on YouTube and wish to check out something different and fresh, there are many alternatives there out there on the world wide web. Here we list our 7 top alternatives to YouTube.


Top 7 YouTube alternatives every streamer must check out

‘Well, if it’s not on YouTube then it’s gotta be on DailyMotion’ is the first response for many when searching for video content. Founded on March 15, 2005, is only a month younger than YouTube and flourishes with a varied content-rich user base which is second only to YouTube.

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Are you an aspiring Filmmaker? Do you want an ad-free and minimalistic viewing experience? if you said yes, Vimeo is for you. The site also hosts many award-winning documentaries and user-generated content too.

Fun fact: Vimeo was the first to bring high-definition(720p) video playback back in the year 2007.


If watching music videos is your thing then Vevo has you covered. It is the go-to site to find official music videos from various artists all around the world. Although, you will be disappointed to find the lack of amateur content as the site only contains professionally shot music videos.


Are you into gaming? Twitch is the answer with Esports getting bigger every day more and more people are getting into Twitch. Although primarily gaming oriented streaming service there are many other channels focusing on art, productive discussion, casual conversations are available to entertain and even in some cases educate you.

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Who doesn’t like humour? 9GAG is a social site which focuses on humour. It contains various user-generated content which will keep you entertained and hooked for hours.

The Internet Archive

It may sound like a storage platform which, when you think about it is true. The internet archive is a non-profit digital library which contains various data from all over the internet you can also find various videos neatly categorised spanning across various genre, languages and of course time.


IGTV is Instagram’s response to YouTube. Although young, it has a huge userbase — courtesy of Instagram — that is growing rapidly. Many content creators are already jumping onto the platform, some even porting their YouTube content, to grow and entertain their userbase.

With so many options in the market and YouTube’s stricter policies, wonky content flagging system, infamous apocalypse saga turning off its breadwinner content creators. We definitely wouldn’t be surprised if content creators choose a different platform to provide their content.

But fortunately, now you have an idea of where they might be heading next and where you could find some quality content to watch.

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