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Top 7 Apple Pencil apps for taking notes, drawing and photo editing

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Apple Pencil can be used to take notes, draw sketches, edit photos, among other tasks with significantly more ease — helping you boost productivity.

1st and 2nd-gen Apple Pencil is compatible with various iPad devices listed here and to help you make the most out of the Apple Pencil, here we’ve listed seven of the best apps for taking notes, draw and edit photos using the Pencil.


Developer: UAB Pixelmator Team | Size: 176.4 MB  | Price: $4.99. Offers in-app purchases

This simple editing app will help you edit images quickly. The app allows users to edit a single part of the image using the selection tool; you can also write and draw over images with the help of various brushes that range from crayons to calligraphy and can also further stylise using a gradient, outline, shadows, and more. Apple pencil will let you paint more naturally with some features like pressure tilt, acceleration sensitivity, and palm rejection. 

Download the Pixelmator app here

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Developer: Ginger Labs, Inc. | Size: 330.6 MB  | Price: $8.99. Offers in-app purchases

It is a multi-purpose note-taking app using which you can write with your Apple Pencil. However, typing is also an option. The app lets you take notes and also record audio in the background. Variety of ‘paper’ backgrounds are also available, including graphs. You can also export your data and take printouts or import your textbooks, documents and images. 

Download the Notability app here

Sketch Club

Developer: Jim Scott | Size: 31.4 MB  | Price: $2.99. Offers in-app purchases

You can use Sketch Club app to draw, edit photos, paint and typography, among other things. The app also offers challenges to keep you motivated. You can get up to 16k canvas size and also pattern texture and input curve brushes, among other tools. Even if you have a shaky hand, don’t worry because the Vector and Pen tools simplify drawing smooth lines. 

Download the Sketch Club app here

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GoodNotes 5

Developer: Time Base Technology Limited | Size: 167.8 MB  | Price: $7.99. Offers in-app purchases

Take hand-written notes in your class. It is a fantastic annotation tool that supports Word, Powerpoint, and PDF. You can import images and PDFs. Organise your documents so that you can access them easily. You can also add essential documents to your favourite. The shape tool feature will help you create perfect shapes and lines while taking notes. 

Download the Good Notes5 app here


Developer: MyScript | Size: 153.4 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

This note-taking app will make your handwriting look better and tidy. You can edit and format your documents using your Pencil gestures, annotate PDFs professionally, and organise your library for easy access. You can also convert your handwritten sentences and math equations to typed text. 

Download the Nebo app here

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Developer: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd | Size: 326.1 MB  | Price: $9.99. Offers in-app purchases

It is one of the most professional apps that will let you draw and paint. The app is a full-featured layering system that provides you with Layer Mask, Clipping Mask, 25 layer blend modes, precise control over detailing, and much more. You can add dramatic effects like Noise, Halftone, Chromatic, Bloom, Glitch with the assistance of your Apple Pencil. 

Download the Procreate app here

PDF Expert

Developer: Readdle Inc. | Size: 298 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

You can draw with your Apple Pencil to take down handwritten notes and use the text-to-speech feature to read out the selected words aloud. Pre-designed stamps such as Confidential, Approved, Not Approved, and many more are available on the app. You can modify existing text and add comments to a particular page by drawing or using sticky notes. The app also allows converting documents, images, and webpages to PDF.

Download the PDF Expert app here

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