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15 useful Chrome extensions to get the most out of your browser

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Ah, Chrome Extensions. Those wonderful useful little things that get so much work done with minimum effort. The Chrome app store is filled with extensions. Some are extremely useful and some make you question the existence of humanity.

In this article, we bring you the top 15 Chrome extensions you should check out that’ll make your browsing experience even more comfortable.


15 useful Chrome extensions to get the most out of your browser

UserSnap is an amazing little extension which is extremely useful for Web Devs and normal users alike. It gives you the ability to screenshot, annotate and share any webpage from inside chrome. Neat right?

You can collect user feedback, capture screens and it even integrates with tons of services right out of the box.

You can get UserSnap here


Most of you are well aware that Chrome allows multiple user profiles. This means that different users can set different settings and that can be switched upon whenever wanted.

SessionBuddy takes this up a notch. It allows you to save even your tab sessions and switch among them as needed.

You can get SessionBuddy here.

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iMacros for Chrome

You guessed it didn’ you? iMacros for Chrome lets you automate tasks by recording a key sequence, such as key presses, mouse clicks and so on (called Macro) and then playing it back on demand.

If you’re a web dev or a tester, this can come really handy at times and will save a ton your time.

You can get iMacros for Chrome here

Data Saver

Simple name, simple game.

Data Saver, as made obvious by its name, is a Chrome extension that compresses web pages and only displays necessary information so that you can save on data when using a metered connection. It also allows data monitoring in a very intuitive UI.

Very simple and easy to use. Can come in really handy at times.

You can get Data Saver here

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate, as the name, suggests in an open source ad blocking service available as a chrome extension.

Its biggest strength? It’s not tied to any corporate sponsors or marketers which means that there are no whitelisted sites. It blocks ads, all of them.

You can get AdBlocker Ultimate here.

Checker Plus for Google Drive

CheckerPlus for Google Drive is a really handy extension that lets you control your entire drive from within the extensions itself.

You can browse, upload, download, delete and manage content on your drive without having to open a new tab at all. It also shows desktop notifications.

You can get Checker Plus for Google Drive here.

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SpeedTest by Ookla

We all know it. The famous SpeedTest by Ookla is now available as a chrome extension too.

Just click the icon and you can run a speed test from right within the extension. It also stores your previous results and tells you the web response time of the current tab you’re on.

You can get SpeedTest by Ookla here.

UltraSurf VPN

UltraSurf is a simple no BS VPN service that runs right out of its Chrome extension.

Just install the extension, open it, click connect and you’re done. Simple, anonymous internet has never been so easy, and free.

You can get UltraSurf here


HabitLab is an extension that helps you cut down time wastage by not letting you do several tasks on the internet.

It deploys a series of interface interventions to not let you waste time on things like facebook, youtube and so on. The extension might show a prompt before playing a video, or showing your newsfeed. It might not let you access a particular website at all.

You can get HabitLab here.


The Blur web service provides functionality such as an email anonymizer, a password manager and even a credit card masker all in one chrome extension.

You can create strong passwords and store them right in the extension. Oh, it also syncs your passwords across your PC, iOS and Android devices.

It also includes tracker blocking. Premium users can even use anonymized credit cards to hide their online purchases.

You can get Blur here.

OneNote Web Clipper

Pretty much the same as UserSnap, the OneNote web clipper extensions brings more functionality by integrating the feature with OneNote.

This means that not only you can annotate anything in your browser, you can also sync and share the annotations across devices in an instant.

You can get OneNote Web Clipper here

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is an amazing web service for writing basically anything on the internet.

It provides spell check, plagiarism check, basic and advanced grammar suggestions for your writings. With the chrome extensions, everything is now right there packed into a clean little extension.

You can get Grammarly for Chrome here.

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Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is an awesome little chrome extension that when enabled, dims everything around the YouTube video you’re watching so that there aren’t any distractions.

Simple, easy to use, innovative.

You can get Turn Off the Lights here.


Momentum is one extension that’ll change the way you use chrome forever.

It’ll revamp your chrome experience to something all new altogether. It turns the new tab page into sort of a productivity dashboard. You get todo lists, time and temperature report, the ability to add your main focus for the day and an awesome quote too.

A personal favourite and highly recommended.

You can get Momentum here.


Open too many chrome tabs? Get OneTab now.

OneTab basically compresses all your open tabs into one single ‘tab’ page with links to all your tabs. This allows you to not have 100 tabs open in chrome but still be able to go back to a specific page quickly. You can also export your tabs as URLs for quick sharing.

You can get OneTab here.

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  • While the perceived value of the corrections Grammarly lists is impressive, my colleague still concurs the corrections by themselves are non-applicable and seem one-size-fits-all. I proved this idea when I stumbled on the artificial intelligence software INK.

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