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Top 5 fitness apps for Android to help with your regime

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Fitness has become a priority for people in the current era and with the rise of smartphones subsequently fitness apps, people now have a variety of choices to track activities, log calories and learn exercises.

Do you have a fitness goal in mind? If yes, you can help your smartphone and smartwatch/fitness band achieve it with stats on the go. In this article, we bring you our top 5 fitness apps on Android. All of these apps are easily available on the Google Play Store.

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Google Fit

Top 5 fitness apps for Android to help with your regime

Price: free

First on the list is Google’s own Google Fit. It is a free app and one of the better ones. The app tracks your movements and workouts and also reminds you to move if it detects that you’re stationary for too long. It also lets you customise your fitness goals, and allows integration with apps like RunKeeper, Strava and others. You even get support from some hardware like Wear OS and Xiaomi Mi bands. Google Fit is one of the most versatile free fitness apps available on the Play Store.

You can find Google Fit here

Runtastic Running App

Price: free/In-app purchases

Runtastic is one of the most popular run-tracking apps. it has features like a voice coach to give you audio feedback. You can also set yearly running goals, and you also get a community feature to join a group with leaderboard features to compare your stats with your friends.

You can find Runtastic Running App here

Home Workout No Equipment

Price: free/In-app purchases

Home Workout No Equipment is a workout app that directs you to follow bodyweight exercises. It allows you to focus on areas of your body where you feel that attention is needed. It has detailed video, animation, and a voice coach to guide you throughout the workout and you can set the intensity of the exercise.

You can find Home Workout No Equipment here

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Price: free/paid

If you already have a workout routine, FitNotes is a detailed workout tracker that will allow you to record and analyse the workouts in-depth. All you need to do is fill in your workout details and voilà! You get a detailed breakdown of your performance so you can tweak and adjust as per the requirements.

You can find FitNotes here


Price: free/paid

With a very intuitive, simple UX and customisable workout plans with high-quality exercise videos, EFIT is a wonderful choice for those starting out.  Its cross-platform and also has Google Fit integration for better tracking of your workout sessions.

You can find JEFIT here

Bonus: Headspace Meditation & Mindfulness

Price: free/in-app purchases

In our hectic lives, we often take mental health for granted. As a person who has struggled with maintaining good mental health, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a clear mind and the effect it has on your life and others around you. Headspace, as you can tell by the title, is a simple meditation app which guides you through sessions of meditation. It is flexible as you can customise the duration of the sessions. Do yourself a favour and give it a shot.

You can find Headspace Meditation & Mindfulness here

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