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Top 7 Fitness apps for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches

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Galaxy smartwatches have always been one of the best smartwatches for Android and the fact stays true when we consider fitness tracking features. However, as amazing as these features are and regardless of how accurate the sensors are unless you have a good fitness tracking app to take advantage of the hardware it’s useless.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top seven fitness apps that you can get for your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

Samsung Health

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd | Size: 25.51 MB | Price: Free

Top 7 Fitness Apps for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches

This is the native health tracking app and preinstalled on all Samsung smartwatches. Arguably, it’s also the best. 

The app tracks just about everything your smartwatch is capable of. There are about 12 tracking parameters on all of Samsung’s watches. Samsung Health is also capable of tracking a bunch of exercises including but not limited to the most popular ones like running, cycling, swimming among others. 

The app also has several mindfulness, stress and women’s health tracking features. Not to mention it integrates the best with the Galaxy line of watches. 

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Developer: Strava | Size: 1.35 MB | Price: Free

Strava is a well-known name in the fitness app space and rightfully so, they’re one of the most popular fitness tracking apps on pretty much every platform.

Strava on your Samsung watch functions as a standalone app that syncs in with your Strava account. You can track runs, rides, hikes and a bunch of other outdoor and indoor activities. You also get the full advantage of the numerous social features that Strava has. 

Run with Map My Run

Developer: Under Armour Inc | Size: 6.55 MB | Price: Free

Map My Run is an app from Under Armour Inc. that tracks your duration, distance, pace, speed and heart rate with more accuracy, to quote the app description.

The app uses the onboard GPS on your watch to function and hence the data gathered is in fact quite accurate. The app focuses on running but also tracks a bunch of other outdoor and indoor activities.

There is also a decent selection of social features that let you compete and share your workouts with your friends.

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Pear: Personal Coach for Gear

Developer: Pear Sports | Size: 5.81 MB | Price: Free

Pear takes on a different approach to fitness tracking by pushing users towards their goals faster using personalised audio coaching. All this happens at the same time as your watch records every move you make.

The app has hundreds of workouts including running, HIIT, treadmill, yoga and so on. It provides real-time personal coaching form Olympians and World Champions.

Developer: | Size: 6.71 MB | Price: Free

If for some reason the swim tracking abilities of Samsung Health aren’t satisfactory enough, here’s a dedicated swim tracking app for you.

The app tracks your swimming stats in real-time and presents data from all the important metrics straight to your wrist without the need to press any buttons. The app can track strokes type, count and other data automatically. 

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Fitiv Pulse

Developer: Mobifit Fitness Inc | Size: 4.71 MB | Price: Free

Fitiv is a heart rate tracking and fitness app that’s designed to keep you motivated, engaged and informed as you smash your fitness goals. 

The app uses clear heart rate graphing and in-workout to let you know everything you need to train. It transfers data automatically to the FITIV companion app on your phone so all your workouts are a few taps away.


Developer: Srib | Size: 2.53 MB | Price: Free

StayFit+ tracks your gym and cardio activity as well as gives users the option to customise their training program while tracking and monitoring their targets.  

If you’re working out too vigorously the novel stamina calculation kicks in and gives you an estimate of how long you’ll last. The exercises are targeted specifically towards major muscle groups to help maintain muscle and bone mass.

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