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Top 5 websites for streaming or watching games

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Video game streaming has recently picked up pace worldwide. With roughly 655 million people streaming video games around the globe, it’s certainly in trend at the moment.
In this article, we bring you the top 5 streaming platforms where you can watch your favourite games all day.

YouTube Gaming 

Top 5 websites for streaming or watching video games

Probably the most popular streaming platform ever. YouTube is now getting into the whole gaming space with the launch of YouTube Gaming.

Just like other streaming platforms, YouTube gaming features a game wise sorted area where you can watch your favourite streamers stream your favourite games.

The platform also adds a user chat feature along with various donation features like SuperChat. Being one of the largest streaming services of the world, YouTube already has a large user base which has immensely helped it gain popularity real quick.

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Another extremely popular streaming service, Twitch was made with Video Game streaming in mind.

The website has a fluid interface and is insanely popular among many pro-Esports athletes who stream on Twitch. The website offers a really neat interface, user chat for the streamers, and a lot of monetization options for the streamers.

Twitch also supports the use of bots in chat, which helps streamers to deal with replies staggering quick. The Twitch affiliate program helps streamers on the platform make some good money too.

Since twitch already has a gamer-centric audience, it is easier for newer streamers to start with it. It is also available as an Android/iOS app and a desktop download.

Facebook Live

Facebook? Video game streaming? Yep.

With the recent launch of Facebook Live, a lot of streamers are moving to Facebook. It’s got everything a good streaming service needs, there’s an embedded user chat, nice support and tons monetization options.

What makes Facebook Live stand out is that it is integrated with your Facebook account. This means people will come across your stream while scrolling down their own FB feeds. This means much more visibility and higher viewer participation.


MLG is sort of the new player on the block. It stands for Major League Gaming. Just like Twitch, MLG is aimed to be an esports streaming platform. It’s also a professional esports organisation.

Features also translate about the same. MLG’s already strong presence in the US helps culminate a good target audience for new and old streamers alike. There are good viewer interaction, stable streaming and good monetization options for the streamers as well.


AfreecaTV is the most popular streaming service in an around South Korea.

It isn’t a dedicated gaming platform, but professional streamers and pro players use this platform mainly to target their fellow Koreans.

That doesn’t mean that the website isn’t good for people outside of Korea. It still has plenty of entertaining streamers, a solid and stable streaming platform, good viewer interaction and monetization for the streamers.

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