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Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

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You video’s background goes a long way when it comes to overall video quality. A lot of people use green screens to turn an otherwise boring background into something a lot more presentable.

In this article, we’re talking about the top seven green screen apps you can get on Android and iOS right now. 


Developer: Cyberlink Corp. | Size: 99MB (Android); 133.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free Free (with watermark), Pro starts at $4.99

Powerdirector is a full-blown video editing app that provides users with a layered timeline and extreme control over what they’re editing. And sure enough, its Chroma Key feature is one of the best available on a smartphone.

In just a few taps, you can get rid of a green screen and have whatever background you want up and running. You can select between green, blue or just about any colour that you want. 

You can download PowerDirector for Android here and iOS here

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Developer: Kinemaster Inc. | Size: 95MB (Android); 125MB (iOS) | Price: Free (with watermark); Pro (starts at $4.99)

Another complete video editing app, Kinemaster gives you layered editing, the ability to add music, trim your videos, record voiceovers and everything else you’d expect out of a proper video editor.

This also includes its powerful Chroma Key feature. All you need to do is set a colour, put a background behind your footage and you’re good to go. You also get sliders to control how effective the colour keying is.

You can download Kinemaster for Android here and iOS here


Developer: Apps for Mobs | Size: 41MB (Android); 133MB (iOS) | Price: Free (with watermark); Pro ($2.99 a year)

Chromavid is a simple Chroma keying app that lets you shoot green screen videos in real-time. All you need to do is select the key colour, which could be green, yellow, blue or red depending upon your green screen and replace it with a background in the app.

You can use the backgrounds that come with the app, or just a stock image apart from being able to use whatever background you want. The free versions adds a watermark and a recording limit which you can remove by getting the paid version.

You can download Chromavid for Android here and iOS here

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Developer: WeVideo Inc. | Size: 29MB (Android); 62.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free, Premium starts at $3.99 a year.

WeVideo is a video editing app that’s connected to the cloud. This means that your projects are accessible from anywhere in the world. The app also has a web editor so you don’t have to download anything if you’d rather not. 

The Chroma Key feature in the app, while effective and quick, will require you to buy the premium version of the app before you can get to removing colour. 

You can download WeVideo for Android here and iOS here

Stop Motion Studio

Developer: Cateaters | Size: 93MB (Android); 145MB (iOS) | Price: Free, Green Screen feature at $0.99 a month.

While the app doesn’t exactly specialise in removing green screens, it does have the functionaly needed to do so. The main purpose here is to make stop motion videos, however you can bend it to removing green screens as well.

The green screen removal feature however, is a premium feature of the app for which you’ll have to shell out a dollar every month.

You can download Stop Motion Studio for Android here and iOS here

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Green Screen Wizard

Developer: Green Screen Wizard LLC | Size: 1.9MB (Android); 13.7MB (iOS) | Price: $4..99

This is a specialised Green Screen removal app that helps you not only remove green screens but also make the background and foreground look as realistic as possible.

The app has numerous features that allow for realistic colour correction, and multiple other adjustments such as hue, saturation and colour gamma.

You can download Green Screen Wizard for Android here and iOS here


Developer: VivaCut Professional Video Editor | Size: 61MB (Android); 137MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Another complete video editor to close of the list, Vivacut comes with a bunch of Choma Key features that let you replace backgrounds in no time.

You get control over tools like brightness, saturation, contrast and colour gamma. And when you’re not replacing backgrounds or done replacing them, you can go all out and produce some amazing edits with this app.

You can download VivaCut for Android here and iOS here

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