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Top 10 note taking apps for Android

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In our busy lives we have a lot of details to go through everyday dates, reminders, to-do lists, groceries, ideas, and much more. Remembering all these and keeping track would be an impossible task for any human being.

Thankfully, our smartphones can come in handy during these situations there are many apps on the play store which can do just that. Here are our top 10 note taking apps.

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Price: Free/In-App Purchases

Evernote is a popular and one of the most versatile note-taking apps you can get on the app store. It is available across multiple platforms so you can easily switch and sync your notes to the cloud.

Although the free version is adequate for basic note taking the paid version opens up multiple features such as scan and digitise documents and business cards, A.I. powered suggestions based on what you are typing and many more.

Get Evernote here

Google Keep

Price: Free

Google’s very own note-taking app Google Keep is a simple yet robust application for taking notes. Although it may not have fancy A.I. features like Evernote, Google wins with better integration into the Android ecosystem, and it features most of what Evernote offers, at no cost.

Get Google Keep here


Price: Free

ColorNote is one the most popular and oldest note-taking apps on the play store. It’s effortless to use. It has only the most essential functions the user would require such as a sync function (requires sign-in), reminders, status bar pinning function (If you’re the forgetful type) calendar support and an ‘autolink’ function, which detects web-pages and phone numbers automatically to save you the hassle of copying and pasting them, and best of all it is entirely Ad-free.

Get ColorNote here


Price: Free(Contains Ads)/In-App Purchases

As the name suggests, ClevNote is a cleverly designed app that is primarily aimed to be as user-friendly as possible. From its simple layout of the saved notes to its smart organiser, which neatly organises all the details you’ve put in by category and sorts them by status.

You can add Checklists, birthday lists, site ids, general memo texts, and bank account numbers (Although we recommend using something safer as it’s sensitive information).

Get ClevNote here

Microsoft OneNote

Price: Free

OneNote is a note-taking application that is more focused on productivity than most others on this list. The app allows for scanning written pages and notes and import them straight to the app and allow people to collaborate on multiple notes.

It’s also compatible with other Microsoft products and syncs everything to Microsoft’s one drive (if you’re signed in). It comes highly recommended for those who often port their notes to their projects or those who primarily work on Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Get Microsoft OneNote here


Price: Trial/Paid

Are you a student? Or academic? If you are, LectureNotes is for you. It works exceptionally well if you are using it on a tablet with a stylus because you will be able to create notes and use them as well, notes.

You can provide annotations and import pictures and crop, resize them for specific sections. It can also backup, export, and share your notebooks if required.

Get LectureNotes Trial version here

You can find the LectureNotes paid version here.

D Notes

Price: Free/In-App Purchases.

With a simplistic material design D Notes is a minimalist dream note-taking app come true. D Notes is similar to Google Keep and gives you similar functionality but adds a layer of security as you are given the option to lock it with your fingerprint (If your phone supports it) or PIN code.

Get D Notes here

Simple Notes

Price: Free/Paid version

Simple Notes is another minimalistic note-taking app which you can utilise to take notes it is a very basic app it doesn’t hog your battery or memory. It requires no permissions what so ever and doesn’t show ads too.

Get Simple Notes here

Omni Notes

Price: Free

Omni Notes is also another simple app utilising the object-oriented design. It also adopts a vertical card layout, which makes it easier to navigate. It also has a batch editing system and tagging system which allows you to edit your entries as a batch and tag your content for easy discovery if required.

Get Omni Notes here


Price: Free(Contains Ads)/In-App Purchases.

SomNote is a unique entry into this list as it is a note-taking app and also a journal rolled into one. Unlike other SomNote employs a folder system to store all of your notes/journal entries. It comes with all the standard bells and whistles like other apps in this list. A premium subscription will get you a 30Gb cloud store and eliminated the annoying Ads.

Get SomNote here

With so many distractions and details in our day to day life, note-taking apps are essential for anyone with a smartphone even more so if you’re an academic or a student. Hopefully, you will be able to choose your note-taking app as per your requirements with this list.

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