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What are Top Picks on Tinder? How to find them?

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Swiping has become synonymous with online dating, courtesy Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps. Top Picks is one of the features offered by Tinder, which highlight the best potential matches for you in the location you’ve set on the app, handpicked by Tinder.

Top Picks are available to not only paid but free users of the dating app too. While all users get one free Top Pick every day, Tinder Gold or Platinum subscribers get ten Top Picks, which renew every 24 hours. so swipe or give them Super Like if you think the profiles deserves more attention than usual,

If you are a Tinder Gold or Platinum user you can use your passport location to see Top Picks across the globe. As mentioned above that Top picks profiles are the profiles near your location, so when you use passport location to swipe at some other location in the world the Top Picks will be populated with profiles from that particular location.

If you want more Top Picks, Tinder allows you to buy more but for that you must subscribe to Tinder Gold or Platinum. Once you become a Tinder Gold or Platinum user you can swipe ten Top Picks and after that, you can buy more.

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How to find Top Picks on Tinder?

If you are new to Tinder and don’t know where to find Top Picks then follow the instructions below.

What are Top Picks on Tinder? How to find them?

Launch the app on your device and then tap on the Gold Star option at the top (the second option from the left side in the tab bar on the top of the screen).

Then on the next screen, you will find the profiles that liked yours and beside it, you will find the Top Picks tab. Tap on it and you will be able to see all the highlighted profiles under Top Picks, which renew every 24 hours. As shown in the screenshot, you can either send the users in the Top Picks a Super Like or simply swipe them right or left.

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