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Top 11 podcasts that every tech geek must follow

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Technology is evolving every day and it is quite difficult to keep a track of all the advancements in technology. Also, listening saves more time than reading and is more feasible, especially as you can listen to a podcast while doing a chore or while driving too.

So we have prepared a list of the top podcasts that every tech geek should follow. These podcasts are well researched, accurate and will help you stay up to date with the latest technological developments across the globe. The top 11 tech podcasts are as follows.

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The Mission Daily

Top 11 Tech Podcasts that every tech geek must followEvery episode of The Mission Daily is like a short historical biography. Apart from recent technology, it imparts knowledge about successful entrepreneurs, their life lessons and the future of technology. It tells us about how technology will consume more than 50% of jobs in future and what all features will the future cities possess.

You can start listening to the life lessons of courageous and successful tech entrepreneurs here.


IRL tells us how to deal with the problems which arise due to modern technologies like hacking, privacy breach, phishing, fake news, and more. It makes the listeners aware of the issues and the people can remain safe from such threats if they regularly follow this podcast.

Want to how to improve your password’s strength? Listen to this.

American Innovations

American Innovations is a classic podcast that informs us about the people involved in the creation of a piece of technology which we use today — the hard work and dedication of millions of unsung heroes. If one is interested in stories of great scientists and engineers, this one is a must-listen!

Listen to the secret history of the future here.

IT Visionaries

IT Visionaries tells us about the future of different industries and helps the listeners discover the easiest way to implement technology in industries. Every episode has values, trends and stories of the leaders of technological innovation.

Listen to the conversation between the leaders here.


Don’t have enough time to listen to long and elaborative podcasts? Clockwise wraps up the episode in just 30 mins! It provides a rapid-fire discussion on the latest trends and innovations in technology.

Listen to the quick podcast about Google Wave here.


Keen to know what happens inside the shut doors of huge offices and big industries? Decrypted brings internal stories of some of the very famous tech companies in Silicon Valley. All the hidden projects and silent rivalries told in a couple of minutes.

Do you know why Silicon Valley is hiring bird experts? Listen to the podcast here.

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This Week in Google

This week in Google updates us about anything new from Google and advancements in technologies like cloud computing. One can come to know about many ongoing projects of Google and their world-famous history of patents.

Guess who’s planning a phone for each country? Know more here.

Why’d You Push That Button?

Sometimes we have to make a choice between tech and social life. Why’d You Push That Button? is a podcast on which renowned personalities are given silly situations in which they have to choose between tech and social life.

Why’d you taken selfies in public? Find the answer to your question by Kim Kardashian here.

The Future of Everything

How will technology affect the future of businesses and industries? In this podcast, reporters at The Wall Street Journal predict the future of everything ranging from culture to societies.

Know something about building an Artificial Human here.


We have seen in movies that almost all kinds of technology are hackable. But is it true? Hackable? discusses which technology can be hacked and how.

Find out whether remote controls are hackable or not here.

Stuff You Should Know

One of the best podcasts of all times. Stuff you should know is a podcast by HowStuffWorks team. It explains the working of everything from cameras to rabbits and aeroplanes to ants. There would hardly be something whose working isn’t explained in this podcast.

Do you know what makes you yawn? This episode will tell you!

These were the top 11 podcasts that every tech geek should check out. From the history of technology to the future of technology, we have covered every aspect. These podcasts will keep you up to date with the technology within a few minutes.

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