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Top 7 Telegram channels for Civil Services preparation

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Civil Services examination is one of the most prestigious government exams in India. Every year about half a million aspirants test their luck, but with a meagre 0.1% success rate, only a few get selected. A lot of aspirants waste their time hunting for the right resources. So, here we’ve listed the top seven Telegram channels that will give an extra edge over your competition in UPSC.

However, a word of caution — Civil Services require fewer resources and more analysis. The aspirants are advised to go for selected channels among the list. It’s not about how many channels you follow but how much quality information you’re able to understand, process and analyse.

Telegram is emerging as an alternative to Whatsapp primarily because it gives more privacy to the users. You can download Telegram here or via respective app stores on Android and iOS.

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Study IQ Education

Study IQ is a premier education provider of the country. With more than 5 million YouTube subscribers, this channel has certainly revolutionalised the Indian education industry. It provides a daily analysis of the current affairs along with an assortment of other materials.

The channel provides a comprehensive analysis of the issues in both Hindi and English. Along with current affairs, many other subjects are covered, such as Maths and Reasoning. However, the large number of materials and YouTube links make it difficult to search for relevant material when needed.

You follow the channel on Telegram here.

Coursavy Pledge 

It is a comparatively new channel with around 11,000 Telegram members. Their YouTube channel has approximately 37,000 subscribers. Here, you can practice writing answers alongwith current affairs revision — probably the only channel to do so. Aspirants can check their answer writing progress daily by matching their answers with a topper’s answers. Moreover, top students get a scholarship for upcoming batches.

With other initiatives such as ‘what to study in today’s The Hindu’ streamlines the preparation of daily current affairs, this channel is definitely worth a try. You can follow the Telegram link of the channel here.

Sleepy Classes

It is one of the best channels for current affairs revision. The initiatives range from PreCure to M.A.D (Mains A Day). PreCure is the weekly topic wise current-affairs preparation while M.A.D provides daily analysis of a mains related topic. Alongwith it, there is PreMix — a daily revision of five questions that have a high probability of coming in Civil Services prelims. Most of the study materials are free of cost.

Check the Telegram link here.

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Target UPSC- The Lead You Need

This channel innovatively provides information in the form of charts and pics, making the information easier to understand and retain — helping in mains answer writing. In addition to the diagrams, the channel is a gold mine of quotes and sayings by known personalities. The quotes are definite marks booster in GS paper 4.

You can check the Telegram link of the channel here.


This channel provides PDF’s of newspapers daily. Furthermore, they also share the daily current affairs, both in Hindi as well as English. The aspirant can download the newspapers, which are ad-free.

In addition to the current affairs, other subjects are also covered, including mapping for prelims as well as mains. The Telegram link of the channel is here.

Study for Civil Services

One of the most revolutionary channels in India, ‘Study for civil services’ provides study materials of optional subjects free of cost on their YouTube channel. At the time of writing, the channel had around three optional subject classes going on, including Political Science and International Relations, Public Administration and Hindi.

Alongwith that, the channel covers NCERT’s and also covers magazines such as Yojana and Kurukshetra. If you want to prepare optional subjects, then this is the channel for you.

The Telegram link of the channel is here.

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PDF4Exams is a complete package for government exam preparation. The channel provides all the material you need to crack the exam. From test series to monthly CA compilations, this channel bares all. Moreover, you will get regular tips from the toppers alongwith other materials.

Only con is that there are a lot of materials to choose from, and this can causes confusion. The Telegram link of the channel is here.

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