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Top 7 websites to learn typing or enhance your skill

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With the advent of computers, typing has become one of the most crucial skills to get a job. Most of the government, as well as private-sector jobs in India and several other countries, need candidates to be well versed in typing on a PC. Several websites provide typing lessons for free for beginners as well as professionals. In this article, we bring you the top seven websites where you can learn typing for free.

Top 7 websites to learn typing and increase your speed for freeThis is one is the best website currently available for typing. It is designed both for students as well as teachers. Apart from typing tutorials, the website also provides with some extra contents like coding essentials, communication and collaboration skills, as well as time management tips.

There are three categories of typing lessons — Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Apart from that, the website also provides speed tests along with various typing games.

You can find here.

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This website also provides you with ample of typing options. Here, you can create groups where you can learn with your friends as well as colleagues. There is a teacher portal, where teachers can add the students and check their progress. Apart from that, you can take the typing test and measure your rankings.

Visit the Ratatype here.

Another gem for typing enthusiasts. This website provides typing tests, alongwith typing lessons. The typing lessons are divided into two categories — Classic and Advanced — where you can choose according to your requirements. The website also has typing games where you can learn while enjoying.

You can find Speed Typing Online here.

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If you want a detailed typing lesson, this is the website for you. One high point about this website is that apart from English, there are typing tutorials for eight other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, among others. You can also earn badges, and learn to type in story mode, which is in itself an exciting experience.

You can find TypingClub here.

There are 16 typing lessons on this website, alongwith several practice articles. You are also provided with a variety of keyboard options in various languages. The website also has interactive games where you can learn typing. The website also has touch typing tutorials.

You can find Sense-Lang here.

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Here, you will get an exhaustive list of 31 typing lessons which will help you to master typing. Also, you will get various typing practice exercises; for example, Business Typing, Computer programming Typing, as well as Sports Typing, among others.

You can find Typing-lessons here.

The website has 30 lessons, each with a goal to achieve a certain level of words per minute. Moreover, you can customise typing lessons, games and tests, making it suitable according to your requirements. The website also has ten typing games, and as per the website, new games are being designed.

You can find FreeTypingGame here.

We would advise you to choose only selected websites from the list given above, depending on your liking, and stick to that.

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  • These tutor/lesson based sites are great for initially learning to touch type, but when I started I found that I plateaued around 40 WPM just from doing lessons. After that, I needed to use algorithmic practice sites like problemwords and keybr, which record your mistakes and use that to choose the next set of words.

  • It’s great to see this awesome resource page about Websites to Learn Typing. Thanks, Candid.Technology again for sharing this wonderful resource page. Keep up the good works.

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