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Top 8 YouTube Music app tips and tricks to make the most out of your subscription

Top 8 YouTube Music app tips and tricks for power users

YouTube Premium is available in dozens of countries and was launched earlier this year in India at INR 99 for either YouTube Music app or YouTube app and INR 129 for a combination of the two. YouTube Music offers ad-free song listening experience as well as the ability to play songs in the background or on a locked screen. It can be customised manifolds, and with the latest update, YouTube Music will also be able to play the songs saved on your device as Google phases out its failed Play Music app.

YouTube Music is currently available in India for a month-long free trial and a monthly subscription fee of INR 99 after that, unless you plan to go for the combo at INR 129 — which is a pretty sweet deal if you want an ad-free experience with added features such as PIP mode across your YouTube experience. And it’s even sweeter if you’re a student or wish to take the family plan, which is available at INR 59/month and INR 149/month, respectively.

If you’ve just started using the YouTube app, have been using it for a while or are going to buy a subscription soon, here are the top seven tips and tricks that you should check out to make the most of your subscription while saving your data and securing your privacy.

Before moving ahead, let’s quickly go through the steps required to get to the YouTube app settings, which will be needed in every tip mentioned here in the article. From the Home, Hotlist or Library tab in your YouTube Music app, click on your profile picture on the top-right of the screen. Then on the next page, tap on Settings.

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Adjust audio quality: Better the quality, better the beats

Music always sounds better in the quality recorded by the artists — isn’t that how they intend it to be? So, if it has to be music to your ears, it ought to be in the highest quality possible. To make the most out of your membership, it’s vital that you switch to high-quality audio or at least normal quality — low is just disrespecting the track.

If you’re worried that your data might run out, YouTube Music has got you covered with separate settings for audio quality over mobile network and WiFi. So, if you’ve got a metered WiFi connection or limited data on your mobile, you can set the sound quality to a lower setting. But if you happen to be in India and enjoy virtually free internet, keeping the audio quality to Always High comes highly recommended.

Ps. For those who’re low on internet data, scroll down to the last tip of the article, where we explain the best possible ways to save your data while using YouTube Music.

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Play files stored on your device

If you’re an old-school tech user, have been through various iPods or MP3 players and happen to travel frequently, you know that spotty internet connection is real and you can’t always rely on online services as you might not be able to stream music at certain places with low or no internet connectivity. In such cases, the songs on your device are the only respite, and I kid you not, they’re essential.

To enable YouTube Music app to read music files on from your smartphone, follow the steps mentioned below.

YouTube Music app will ask for your permission to access your media files, and once you allow it, the app will be able to show and play the music files on your phone — just the way Google Play Music did. But there is a catch. Your device files can’t be added to the same playlist or playing queues where YouTube Music songs are already added and playing. These songs can’t also be cast to another device.

Now with that out of the way, here we’ve mentioned how to find your device songs on YouTube Music app, and you don’t need to access app settings for these. To find and play files from your device on YouTube Music, follow the steps mentioned below.

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Enable Family-friendly/NSFW mode

YouTube Music has this cool feature called Restricted mode that will hide videos that have been flagged by the users or by YouTube as inappropriate content. Although this feature isn’t a 100% accurate, it will still filter a significant majority of videos that you wish to avoid playing when with family, around kids or at work. To switch on the family-friendly NSFW Restricted mode, go to the YouTube Music app’s Settings, then scroll down to find Restricted mode and then switch on the toggle button.

Enhance your privacy

YouTube Music also lets users control how much of their activity data is saved and shared with Google. If YouTube Music app’s offline mixtape feature (now Smart downloads) good enough for you, then you don’t need your watch, search or location history on the YouTube Music app to be saved. Even if you wish to save your search and watch history, you can do so without that influencing your recommendations.

To stop the YouTube Music app from saving your watch history, search history and location history, follow the steps mentioned below.

If you wish to keep your videos, subscriptions and saved playlists private, tap on Manage account privacy > History and privacy. You can do all of those mentioned above, as well as clear watch and search history. You can also switch your location in the YouTube app on the same page by tapping on Account and then Location and control the Restricted Mode from here as well. You can also manage notifications here.

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Increase/Decrease seek time

If you’ve been a YouTube user for some time, you must already know that double-tapping on either side of the screen reverses or forwards a video by 10 seconds. YouTube Music app allows you to control the seek time with five additional options — 5, 15, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. To modify the seek time on your YouTube app, head over to Settings, scroll down and tap on Double-tap to seek and six options will appear in a pop-up menu. The default value is set to 10 seconds; tap on the one you like and tap on the back button of your device.

Low on internal storage? Download music to SD card

An important setting if your phone is running low on internal storage and you’ve got an option to add external storage to the device. To download your music directly to the SD card, go to the app Settings, and tap on Library and downloads on the next screen. Then toggle the switch on beside Use SD card. YouTube Music app will now save the downloaded music to your SD card.

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Enable Smart Downloads for seamless music all-day long

Smart Downloads is one of the coolest features of YouTube Music. Previously known as Offline Mixtape, this feature automatically downloads your favourite music tracks over a WiFi connection every night. All you need to do is pick the number of songs you wish the Smart Download feature to save for you and it’ll do the needful. You’ll also need to ensure that your phone is charged for the feature to work.

If you wish to enable Smart Downloads on your YouTube app and select the number of songs to be downloaded, follow the steps mentioned below.

Smart Downloads feature can save up to 500 songs.

Note that the size of the download will not only depend on the number of songs that you have set the counter to but also the audio quality that you’ve set in the app — as explained in the first tip in this article.

If you wish to clear downloads, you can do so via the Clear Downloads option present at the bottom of the Library and downloads menu.

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Save Data on YouTube Music app

There are several ways that you can implement to save data while using the YouTube Music app.

You can also control the audio quality while streaming to lower your data consumption, as discussed in the first tip of the article.

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