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How to track changes in Google Docs?

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You can create a document and can ask your team to suggest edits or suggestions in Google Docs. After that, you can track changes in Google Docs to review what exactly the changes are and can accept or reject it as per your wish.

In this article, we explain how you can track changes, edit as well as suggest changes in Google Docs and a few other things you can do around editing your document.

How to suggest changes in Google Docs?

Users can edit the document using the suggestion option. This option lets other users comment on your document. To suggest changes to the document, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Google Docs and then click on the editing drop-down menu. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea. Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select Suggesting.

Step 3: Now, you can add your suggestions on the document. Select a passage or a word and then click on Plus icon to add your suggestion and then click on Comment. You can also comment on the document by selecting a word and then clicking on Insert > Comment. Alternatively, you can use the following keyboard: Ctrl + Alt + M. Also read: How to create a template in Word? And how to edit and use them?

How to track changes in Google Docs?

Here are the steps to edit a particular document in Google Docs:

Step 1: Go to the editing icon at the top. Take a look at the screenshot below to get an idea. Step 2: Select Editing option from the drop-down. Now, you can edit the document, and all your editing will be recorded. Read more to know how you can see the edits and track changes in Google Docs.

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How to see the changes that others have made in Google Docs?

To see the changes that others have made in Google Docs, follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Go to File option at the top. Step 2: Select Version History from the drop-down menu and then select See Version History. You can also use the following shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H. When you are done, you will see all the changes that have been made in your Google Docs over time. You can click on each option to see the changes that have been made. Also read: How to implement double spacing in Google Docs?

How to accept or reject changes in Google Docs?

If you want to discard or accept a particular edit in Google Docs, go to Tools > Review suggested edit > Accept or Reject as the case might be (refer to the screenshot below). Also read: How to Superscript, Subscript and Strikethrough in Google Docs?

How to stop others from editing your Google Doc?

In case you want to stop others from editing your document, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create your document and then click on Share.

Step 2: Name the document or press Skip to share the document unnamed. Step 3: Go to Advanced and then tick mark the following option: Disable options to download, print and copy for commenters and viewers. This will stop others from editing your document. You can also keep the document private by selecting the Change option under the Who has access heading. Also read: How to track changes in Microsoft Word?

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