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Can you turn off the AirPods case?

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As much as we love using Airpods because of its sleek look and complete wireless experience, one always wonders how to turn off Airpods case to conserve battery.

There is no way you can turn off the Airpods case to save battery life. Apple has created Airpods with the aim that they’re ready to use whenever you need them — without pressing any on or off button or connecting with your phone. It is because of this innovation Apple has given anyway — hardware or software — to turn them off completely when not in use.

While you cannot turn off the Airpods to save its battery, in this article we will tell you a few ways you can get the optimum battery life.

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Put the AirPods back in their charging case when not in use

Since you cannot turn off Airpods, you can definitely save battery by putting the Airpods back in their case if you are not using them. According to Apple, the Airpods case do not provide any power to Airpods after they are fully charged. Therefore, when Airpods are in their case they shut down automatically. This means the battery of the case and your Airpods remains usable for a significantly larger number of days since it goes into standby mode.

Use a single AirPod when calling 

You can also use one Airpod at a time. If you keep one Airpod in the case and put one in your ear during call time, you will be able to save battery and have longer talking time via each of your Airpod.

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Turn on auto ear-detection feature

Apple Airpods have one of the most useful features called Automatic Ear-Detection, which turns off audio in your Airpods the moment you take them off from your ears and turns the audio back on as soon as you put them back in your ears.

Auto Ear-Detection is enabled by default when you first pair your Airpods. However, if you have disabled them by mistake or some issue caused them to be disabled, open the Settings app on your iOS device and follow the steps below to enable the feature.

Can you turn off the AirPods case? | Candid.Technology
  • Select Bluetooth and look for your Airpods.
  • Tap the i button right next to your Airpods name.
  • Scroll down to Automatic Ear Detection option and slide the toggle to your right to enable the option. To disable the option, slide the toggle button to your left.

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