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Twitter will tell you if it’s limiting your tweets

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Twitter is now adding new labels that it’ll show on Tweets that have been limited for violating platform guidelines. These labels will first appear on tweets that violate Twitter’s Hateful Conduct policy and are only implemented at the “tweet level”, meaning they won’t affect the user’s account. 

Twitter uses reach restrictions, otherwise known as visibility filtering as an alternative to moderation practices that either keep a post or remove it altogether. Over the coming months, these labels will be expanded to “other applicable policy areas”, according to the company. Overall, tweets with these labels will be made less discoverable on the platform and Twitter won’t place ads adjacent to content that it labels. 

The company has shared examples of what these new labels may look like. | Source: Twitter

In case you think your tweet is being wrongfully restricted, the feature does allow you to “submit feedback”, but that’s about all you can do. However, the company does plan to add the ability to appeal these labels in the future. For now, simply submitting feedback doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive a response or that your tweet’s reach will be restored. 

The fact that the company admits that it might get these labels wrong sometimes might be an admission that making some pretty big cuts to its Trust & Safety teams and the overall company as a whole might not have been the best idea. There’s a good chance that Twitter will heavily rely on automated tools to find tweets to slap these labels.

That said, we also don’t know how this feedback process works and who’ll be on the receiving end of this feedback. With no official dispute system in place, there’s a good chance that we’ll see tweets getting restricted left and right with no way for the authors to get their reach back. 

All of this comes at a time when Musk is continuing to push for creator monetisation on the platform. Twitter recently increased tweet length to 10,000 characters and added support for bold and italic text formatting for Twitter Blue subscribers. These tweet restriction labels aren’t the only controversial tweets on the platform either, with the platform already axing legacy verified checkmarks from accounts, including those of popular media houses and athletes who refuse to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription. 

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