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Top 11 Ubuntu themes

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Ubuntu offers a bunch of customisation options for its users in the form of easy to download and install themes. In this article, we’re listing the top 11 Ubuntu themes you can use to spice up your desktop’s look. 

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Layan isn’t a subtle theme, as you can guess. It’s a flat material design theme for GTK3, and Gnome Shell desktops, whose rounded corners and shadowed layering helps provide it quite the flair. 

You can download the Layan theme here


This is the default GNOME theme that ships with Fedora Workstation. Regardless, the theme is quite light and easy on the eyes and makes for a great look on just about any Ubuntu installation. 

Many well-known GTK themes are based on Adwaita, including the Ubuntu default Yaru and System76’s Pop. It’s also preinstalled in Ubuntu 18,04 LTS and above. 

You can download the Adwaita theme here

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System76’s default theme for their PopOS is one of the most modern-looking and beautiful Ubuntu themes out there. The theme has a modern, elegant look that should attract users looking for a bit of flair.

The theme is based on Adwaita, the default GNOME theme, to ensure that GTK apps look and function as they should. 

You can download the Pop theme here


The Arc themes have been around for quite some time and are some of the best Ubuntu themes you can find. The Arc-Ambiance offers a modern take on the default Ubuntu Ambiance theme.

There’s a dark mode of the theme as well for those night owls who hate white screens, 

You can download the Arc-Ambiance theme here

Numix Collection

Numix is a rather colourful Unbuntu theme that can be surprisingly bright and poppy. The default wallpaper has bright colours, and the theme gets followed through in the icons. 

Throughout the theme, a grey tone goes really well with the default pinkish-red highlight colour, which makes for an immaculate and complete experience. 

You can download the Numix collection here

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These two relatively new themes come in a single package. They are inspired by the soon-to-be-finished Ubuntu theme called ‘communitheme’. 

The only real difference between the two offerings is the colour scheme. Arrongin is focussed on the Ubuntu orange colour while Telinkrin dives a bit deeper into the KDE blue. 

You can download the Arrongin/Telinkrin themes here

Ultimate Maia

If you’re looking for a simple, subtle and light theme, your search stops here. Maia is inspired by Manjaro Gnome and brings the Manjaro theme to just about any distro running Gnome.

There’s rich green colour mixed with the striking black and white contrast on the windows. The icons are also in a flat profile, which adds to the theme’s overall flat, subtle feel. 

You can download the Ultimate Maia theme here


Another rather simplistic theme, if Maia’s light backgrounds are too bright for your eyes, try out Ant. 

The theme comes in a bunch of light and dark themes which have different icon colours, backgrounds and taskbar styles. The button colour inspiration is derived straight from MacOS.

You can download the Ant theme here

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If you’re looking into a very flashy dark theme that can blind you if you look at it in surroundings too dim, this is your pick.

The theme is flashy with splashes of purple and yellow all over the place along with the user’s choice of a dark or white background. 

You can download the Sweet theme here

Material Black Frost

This is a theme focussing heavily on material design and keeping everything dark. If you’re using your machine at night or in dark rooms, this is the theme to pick. 

The icons have a teal touch to them which shines over the dark backgrounds. There aren’t colour options to further customise the look but the defaults do just fine. 

You can download the Material Black Frost theme here


Another theme that comes in a bunch of different light and dark variations, Cloudy is a rather versatile theme that a lot of users will like.

The theme is simple and modern to look at and resembles the look of a modern XFCE desktop. Try out the different dark and light modes along with the colour combinations to see what works out best for you.

You can download the Cloudy theme here

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