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How to underline, italicise, bolden and strikethrough text in Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp is a Facebook-owned messaging service which lets users connect with their friends and family. The app’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that there were more than 1.5 billion Whatsapp users in December 2017. While Whatsapp offers features to share photos, documents, videos and other media, text conversations remain the most popular option for the masses.

In this article, we explain various ways by which you can format your Whatsapp text and make the most out of the available tools on the platform.

How to italicise text in Whatsapp?

To italicise text in Whatsapp, insert underscore in front and the end of the text. For instance, if your text is CandidTechnology, then insert  _CandidTechnology_ to italicise the text before sending it. The text will look like CandidTechnology to the receiver.

Another way to italicise the text is to write the text and then long-press on the text. After that, tap Select all and then tap on Italic to italicise the text.

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How to bolden text in Whatsapp?

In case you want to bolden the text, place asterisks on both sides of the text. For example, you want the text CandidTechnology to bolden, type the text like this: *CandidTechnology* and then press the send icon. The sent text will look like CandidTechnology.

Another method to bolden the text is the same as what you have seen in the previous option. Long press the text and then tap on Bold.

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How to Strikethrough text in Whatsapp?

To strikethrough in Whatsapp, insert a tilde on both sides of the text. For example, ~CandidTechnology~ will look something like CandidTechnology to the receiver.

Another way is to long-press on the text and then tap on Strikethrough.

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How to underline a text in Whatsapp

There is no in-built method to underline a text in Whatsapp. You will have to download a third-party app to do underlining in Whatsapp. One such app is BlueWords.

Download the app from the link given above and then tap on the Underline option to underline the text. After that, share the text on Whatsapp.

Bur remember third-party apps are not safe and you should try to avoid using them, especially in apps like Whatsapp where might have personal conversations whose content can be under threat if the third-party app or its SDK has malicious code.

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