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How to unlock Apple Watch with iPhone?

When you do the initial setup of your Apple Watch, it asks you to enter a pin code to secure its data. Then, each time you take the watch off your wrist, it automatically locks itself and requires you to enter the pin code on the tiny number pad to unlock.

Entering the Pincode whenever you wear your Apple Watch can be frustrating. Alternatively, you can use your iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch by enabling the option in the settings.

In this article, we will guide you on how to unlock Apple Watch using iPhone and unlock iPhone with Apple Watch when you’re wearing a face mask.

How to unlock Apple Watch with iPhone?

To enable the settings to unlock using your iPhone, you need to do the following in one of the devices.

On your iPhone

On your Apple Watch

Similarly, you can use your Apple Watch to enable this feature. Follow the steps given below.

When this is turned on, unlocking your iPhone will automatically unlock Apple Watch as long as you’re wearing it on your wrist. Please note, your iPhone must be in the normal Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch, and if Bluetooth is off on your Apple Watch, then you will have to enter the passcode to unlock it manually.

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How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when you’re wearing face mask?

With iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, Apple has brought major integration between iPhone and Apple Watch. Now you do not have to pull down your mask every time you want to unlock your iPhone using Face ID; instead, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone when you’re wearing a face mask.

To unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when your face mask is on, you will need to meet the following requirements.

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How to setup unlock with Apple Watch?

If your watch has the wrist detection featured disabled, you will be asked to turn it on.

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch?

Once your Apple Watch unlocks your iPhone successfully, your watch gives haptic feedback and shows an alert on the watch screen. If you didn’t want to unlock your iPhone, tap the Lock iPhone button on your watch screen to lock your iPhone immediately. Next time you tap on this button to unlock your iPhone, your iPhone will manually ask you to enter your passcode.

Please note, unlock with Apple Watch works only to unlock your iPhone. It does not verify your identity for using Apple Pay, Keychain or password-protected apps. However, you can use these features by typing your passcode manually and using Apple Watch for Apple Pay.

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