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Can you unredeem a Amazon gift card?

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Amazon has been one of the leading eCommerce stores ever since the concept has been around. The store also has gift cards and coupons to let users gift their friend’s money that can only be redeemed on Amazon.

However, just as easy as it is to redeem the gift vouchers, it’s also easy to mistakenly redeem them when you didn’t intend to do so. In this article, we’re talking about how to unredeemed an Amazon gift card.

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Unredeeming gift cards

Amazon redeems the gift card into the currently logged in account. However, if you’ve redeemed the gift card into the wrong account, only Amazon’s customer support can help you get the redeemed card back.

Your gift card also needs to be unused. If any value from the gift card’s original balance is used, the gift card will not be redeemed. Also, keep in mind that you won’t get any money out of it; you’ll simply be getting the claim code back to redeem it in the right account. 

However, according to Amazon themselves, the gift cards are not unredeemable. As an exception to their policy, they might be able to unredeemed your claim code, but that will differ from case to case, so your best bet is just to contact Amazon’s customer support straight away and try and explain the issue to them.

You can reach out to Amazon via their chat, phone or email address. We recommend using the live chat or call as, more often than not, that’ll give you faster resolution times, and you might be able to get your card unredeemed right away. With email, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to wait for three to five business days. 

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